Radio Free Skaro #649 – The Power of The Power of Kroll

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Cast your minds back to the early days of Radio Free Skaro when there just hosts, Steven and Warren, and they would press record and then plan what they were going to talk about? Well, this episode is a throwback to those pre-smartphone days of the podcast, with Steven and Warren convening in a hotel room in San Jose, CA (home of WorldCon 76), along with guests Jason Snell, Helene Wecker, and Erika Ensign, to talk about how Doctor Who became a part of our lives, and where the show is going from here. What better way to celebrate our twelfth anniversary!

Helene Wecker
Jason Snell
Erika Ensign

2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #649 – The Power of The Power of Kroll

  1. Congratulations to Steven and company on winning the Hugo Award tonight

  2. Attn. Erika: I also discovered DW on Milwaukee PBS. The year was 1982, and PBS 10 (WMVS)aired “Warrior’s Gate.” Milwaukee PBS 36 (WMVT) didn’t air DW until ’89 or ’90, when they started at the beginning, airing serial episodes every weeknight.
    I lived 30+ miles west of Milwaukee, so we could tune in Madison’s PBS 21 (WHA). We could also tune in Chicago’s PBS 11 (WTTW). So, for a while in the mid ’80s, each Sunday, in the early afternoon, Madison PBS 21 would air a Troughton story, then in early evening, Milwaukee PBS 10 would air a Davison story, and then at 11pm, Chicago PBS 11 would air a Pertwee story, and I’d get to see all of these on the same day. However, often times, the reception for the Chicago station would be so fuzzy, I could only hear the audio, while watching undefined shapes moving in mostly snow.
    All stations presented omnibus versions. I did not even discover the serial nature of the show until Mke PBS 36 started airing the individual cliff hangers in 89-90.
    Great episode, everyone, thank you.

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