Radio Free Skaro #640 – Restoration Glee

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It’s a jam-packed extravaganza from 1975 this week as we dive deep into the impending release of the Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray starring one Tom Baker as Dr. Who, with interviews from executive producer Russell Minton and director/producer Paul Vanezis what worked on that there shiny set of discs! Plus banter from two of the Three Who Rule who ventured to their local cinemas to view all 625 glorious lines of resolution of “Genesis of the Daleks”. Also San Diego Comic-Con news, the odd tale of Doctor Who on Crackle in Latin America, and more!

Genesis of the Daleks
UK Season 12 Blu-Ray release delayed
Doctor Who at San Diego Comic-Con
Chloe Dysktra Medium post
Original Doctor Who Comic-Con panel moderator is no longer
Doctor Who Series 10 long-listed for Emmy
Crackle to distribute Doctor Who in Latin America
Jodie Whittaker promoting Cystic Fibrosis UK


Genesis of the Daleks
Russell Minton
Paul Vanezis

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #640 – Restoration Glee

  1. i used to run those episodes, man we were just so excited to be able to watch episodes that were from that same year. the pal conversion did not do that tape any favours…

    Remember watching the existing Troughton’s on that same set up? as bad as it was we were all hooked. fun times!

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