Radio Free Skaro #638 – London 1965

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The topic of Doctor Who missing episodes has been dormant relatively recently, but a tangent in an interview with producer/director Paul Vanezis, who has aided in the recovery of other previously missing Doctor Who episodes, may raise the profile once again. (Listen to the interview with Steven starting at 30:36; JR Southall joins Steven later to discuss what Paul said). Elsewhere, Doctor Who on Twitch has been an unprecedented success, launching new memes and generating fresh enthusiasm amongst a whole new generation of Doctor Who fans!

Doctor Who on twitch a hit!
London 1965 memes
Season 12 blu-ray revamped visual effects
Doctor Who Magazine 526 released
Big Finish returns to Class
Big Finish Infamy of the Zaross due on vinyl June 16
Doctor Who series 10 and Class coming to UK Netflix in June
TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manual
Doctor Who jobs


Paul Vanezis
JR Southall

2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #638 – London 1965

  1. I thought I might pass this along for your consideration for the news. It may be of interest to any listeners that you have in the Detroit metro area.

    The DFT (Detroit Film Theatre, a restored old cinema that is part of the Detroit Institute of Arts) is going to be showing Doctor Who and the Daleks as part of its summer series of old science-fiction films.

    It will be at 3 pm on Friday, August 24th. If I’m reading the information correctly, all the 3 pm matinees (including this one) are free, provided that you buy an entrance ticket for the DIA itself.

    Here are some relevant links:

  2. I think one reason private collectors are reluctant to return missing episodes is because the moment they do the value of that missing episode becomes almost worthless. And the BBC aren’t willing to compensate the collector.

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