Radio Free Skaro #612 – 120 BPM

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Doctor Who musical legend Dudley Simpson passed away recently, and his amount of work in Doctor Who was so massive that it warranted a special Miniscope to cover it! And who better to invite along for this tribute than Mark Ayres, a fan of Dudley’s himself, but also the musical maestro tasked with honouring the recent release of “Shada” with a delectably Dudley-esque score. Also, Advent Calendars galore, Christmas Specials, “Twice Upon a Time”, and more!

BBC Doctor Who Adventure Calendar
“Twice Upon A Time” BBC One broadcast will be 5:30PM
“Twice Upon a Time” promo pics
BBC One Christmas Trailer
“Twice Upon a Time” DVD/Blu-ray artwork
Graham Kibble-White interview with Steven Moffat
Win a lunch with Russell T Davies!


Dudley Simpson
Mark Ayres

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #612 – 120 BPM

  1. If it makes Steven feel any better about only watching part one of The End of Time due to his arbitrary rules, every time there is a regeneration I go back and watch the regeneration episodes in order of Doctor, have done this since Nine turned into Ten. Which thanks to Moffat now means watching only the last parts of Tenth Planet, War Games, Planet of the Spiders, Logopolis, Caves, then part one of Time and the Rani, the TVMovie, Night of the Doctor, Day of the Doctor, Parting of the Ways, End of Time part two and Time of the Doctor. My inner nerd also thought about including the fake regeneration in Journeys End but there lies true madness.

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