Radio Free Skaro #596 – The Lionhearted

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Warren has returned from Worldcon, and has tales of Finland, Stockholm and international nerdery to share with Steven, Chris and all you good people before we move to the main event, an interview with author and superfan Steven Hill about Red White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America. Years in the making, this weighty tome is a comprehensive look at Doctor Who on North American screens, and leaves no televisual stone unturned. Tune in, why don’t you?

Worldcon 75
Matt Smith sings the Doctor Who theme to Jodie Whittaker
Anniversary of erasing Doctor Who tapes
Survival soundtrack, September 15
The Happiness Patrol remixes, September 18
Dominic Glynn on Start The Music!
Victor Pemberton died


Red, White and Who with Steven Hill

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #596 – The Lionhearted

  1. The bookshop Warren visited is called SF Bokhandeln, and it is great. They also have branches in Gothenburg and Malmö – the Gothenburg branch also has a great cafe inside it. And it has an elevator that looks like the Tardis (complete with voorp voorp sounds).

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