Radio Free Skaro #586 – Jackdaw Meanderings

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A spot of tea, a biscuit, some empire-building and hostile action against upright crocodiles are the order of the day as the Three Who Rule look at “Empress of Mars,” Mark Gatiss’ latest (and last?) foray into the world of Doctor Who and Wayne Yip’s second directorial run for Series 10. Plus more news of Gatiss and Who, comics, Big Finish, stats (feh) and a Canadian wins breakfast with seven Doctors! By the moons we honour thee!

Empress of Mars review
Empress of Mars BBC One overnight viewing figures
Empress of Mars was almost about Brexit
Details of the proposed Sleep No More sequel/prequel
Pyramid final BBC One viewing figures
Lie of the Land Appreciation Index
World Enough and Time synopsis
Capaldi’s regeneration to be different?
RTD says he knows who the next Doctor will be
Alan Cumming twice turned down the role of The Doctor
Moffat reflects on Blink, 10 years later
Gatiss also leaving with Moffat & Capaldi?
Rakhee Thakrar new 8th Doctor Big Finish companion
First Titan “Lost Dimension” covers
A Canadian won the contest to have breakfast with 7 Doctors
Peter Sallis died

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #586 – Jackdaw Meanderings

  1. My two cents on the regeneration? The introduction of 12 with the short regeneration was a good example of keeping in line with modern canon but telling us that this is now about the new Doctor (12) not the last one. I think it keeps in line with the tone of the 12th Doctor, he is very pared back. Much better I think to keep it more Pertwee and “a tear, Sarah Jane” I watched that moment as a child in the 70s, it made me sad that Sarah Jane was upset not that the Doctor was changing. I knew the Doctor wasn’t going to die, that he would just look different. That is still my favourite regeneration scene. I hope a regeneration scene as quite and poignant can find a place in modern Who.

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