Radio Free Skaro #579 – The Crooked Smile

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A rare occurence on this week’s Radio Free Skaro in that two thirds of the regular Three Who Rule are absent. So we present to you Two other Rulers! Erika from Verity! and Kyle from Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room join Steven (Chris and Warren are off somewhere making tea) to review the second episode of this most recent series of Doctor Who. Will they be smiling or in their appreciation of it? Or will they merely be gritting their teeth and pretending as to not get murdered by cute robots? Isn’t that everyday anyway?

Doctor Who S10E02 “Smile”
“Smile” – overnight viewing figures
Memorial University prof inspires robots on new episode of Doctor Who
“The Pilot” AI – 83
“Knock Knock” synopsis
Knock Knock to get a binaural audio edition on iPlayer for headphone users
David Bradley back as the First Doctor in the Christmas special?
David Bradley is cagey about the Christmas Special
Class North American DVD/BR release July 11
Oxford English Dictionary adding some DW words: Sonic Screwdriver, TARDIS, Dalek, Cyberman
Radiophonic Workshop concert and Q&A at the Science Museum June 16, £25
BBC Studios in Wales gets new head of drama

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #579 – The Crooked Smile

  1. iirc steven moffat himself calls them “big finish gaps.” also amy’s first few stories feed into each other not unlike bill’s do. clara’s obviously different because the whole point of her introduction is that the doctor has to chase her & she only adventures once a week, but there really aren’t any gaps in the beginning of amy’s story.

  2. The Science Museum is right next door to both the Natural History and Victoria & Albert Museums … so something for everyone in the vicinity. (V&A is art-type objects and fabrics.) My main memory of the Science Museum is that one can/could go right to the back of he building and get totally away from the sound of traffic noise … very relaxing if your whole life is dominated by road noise, and even better than the middle of the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park which are also just down the road.

  3. So how DO you North Americans pronounce “algae” ?

    And yes I too am happy that Doctor Who maintains its Britishness, tho’ I was a little disappointed by “Santa Claus” appearing at the North Pole rather than Father Christmas. (But it’s a favourite episode so I’ll let that pass…)

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