Radio Free Skaro – Win A Copy of “Whographica”

Hooray for giveaways! Simon Guerrier, Steve O’Brien, and Ben Morris appear on Radio Free Skaro #565 to talk about their fabulous book of Doctor Who infographics, “Whographica”. And now you can win a copy for yourself!

Just leave a comment on this blog post to enter. If you’re a Patreon supporter of Radio Free Skaro, you’re already entered! We’ll announce the winner on January 29 on Radio Free Skaro #566, and on this blog post shortly after.

Good luck!

94 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro – Win A Copy of “Whographica”

  1. Will be listening to the podcast once my daughter feels better. Thanks for a fantastic podcast worth tuning into every week, and maybe for a book!

  2. Looks like a fantastic book. Can’t wait to listen to this week’s podcast (it’s a Monday morning tradition. Kids at school, coffee brewed and RFS on!)

  3. yooooo i love the podcast and i love infographics so basically this is the contest for me.

  4. Wow. How generous! Excited to hear about the giveaway, and looking forward to enjoying RFS on sunday night! 🙂

  5. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see you all live at Gallifrey One this year.

  6. Radio Free Skaro.
    Three Guys talking Who.
    Wonder when it will end?
    Probably never.

  7. Congratulations to Guerrier, O’Brien and Morris for creating a truly amazing and beautiful book! Thanks, RFS for all the great news, reviews and interviews!

  8. Love the podcast guys. Essential Monday morning listening on the way to work.

  9. Hiya I’m Joshua! I have been introducing my boyfriend to Doctor Who in a roundabout way. He started with the Eleventh Doctor and had seen all of Peter Capaldi’s episodes to date. Now we’re almost done with David Tennant having just finished the Waters of Mars today. Here’s to hoping I can turn him on to your podcast! Cheers!

  10. Love the podcast. You guys were one of my very first and thereby by gateway into the wonderful world of podcasting.

  11. Love the B.O.B. love. And remember, now Disney own Star Wars, he could be in that. In some prequelly way.

  12. Maybe leaving a comment means I will win. Maybe it won’t. Who knows? Who. Knows?

  13. I’ve seen this about and know it belongs on my bookcase! Ace podcast fellas – with love from Yorkshire 🙂

  14. Excellent podcast, I listen every week. The book sounds great, Thanks.

  15. Keep up the good work guys. Always look forward to Sunday evenings for my weekly Who fix.

  16. Another excellent podcast I try and listen every week and have been a regular for the last few years. Keep up the good work chaps!!

  17. I always look forward to Sundays in order to listen to the podcast.

  18. I would very much live this book if you can send it out to Australia. If not, another thing for the ‘to buy’ list. Thanks for the podcast.

  19. Listening to the latest podcast as I type this. Keep up the good work fellas.

  20. Commenting: wouldn’t Frobisher count as a non-human companion after Turlough?

  21. Thanks for another great podcast! I am not even done reading the DK Complete Visual Reference (which includes the Character Encyclopedia and Visual Dictionary). This book would be another great addition to my library.

  22. 😀 Just listened to this podcast today, loved it! As I do all your other podcasts, one of the better Doctor Who ones out there (and the first I listened to).

  23. Great show. You somehow managed to sell the book through the uniquely visual medium of radio.

  24. Whoray! Only discovered RFS in August and have powered through the archive and this week, I’ve finally caught up! Now I can enter competitions!

  25. Carl Stevenage aka TYPE40
    My need for this book is indomitable.
    Thanks again for another great interview. And that one last week with the four companions….delightfully funny

  26. Best Who podcast period. (Except maybe for Two Minute Time Lord – but Chip quit – YOU GUYS STUCK IT OUT THROUGH 2016!!!!! How very Doctor of you to hang in there.)

  27. I borrowed this book from the library at Christmas; a road test, if you will. It’s great!

  28. Great podcast as always. I was thinking I’m sure there is enough RFS material for an infographica about the podcast. Plenty of stats for warren to enjoy.

  29. 8 out of 10 chumblies say they prefer listening to RFS than any other Dr. Who podcast

  30. I’m a huge fan of the podcast, and in particular your interviews. They are always compelling!

  31. RFS is one of the few Doctor Who podcasts I always make sure to listen to. I’ve been listening for years.

  32. Terrific podcast as usual. May just have to purchase Whographica (unless I win! :P), it sounds great!

  33. RFS is far and away my favorite Doctor Who Poscast and I enjoy listening to get all of my Doctor Who updates. Btw, I enjoyed your daily Doctor Who podcasts leading up to Christmas, it helped me get into the spirit for the Return of Doctor Mysterio.

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