Radio Free Skaro #561 – Lucy & Grant: Dawn of Justice

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Superheroics! Derring-do! Balderdash, mumblesuch and in the middle of it all stands one man, Doctor Mysterio! Yes, after a year of waiting for new Who, the Three Who Rule ruminate over this year’s Xmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” featuring P.Cap, N.ardole and comic book shenanigans in NYC! And as if that wsn’t enough, there is extensive post-game bleating about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the end of the show, featuring spoilers aplenty! So be it, Jedi!

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5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #561 – Lucy & Grant: Dawn of Justice

  1. My interpretation of the ‘little boys room’ exchange was that Nardole was looking for the little boy’s room, not the little boys’ room. I.e. the Doctor had been checking up on Grant regularly up until the 24-year gap of last night, has now returned to resume checking up, and has dispatched Nardole to find Grant where he was last seen, in his bedroom on the 60th floor. But Nardole has somehow ended up on the 100th floor (of not necessarily the same building) in the Harmony Shoal office, looking for young Grant’s room.

  2. Young Grant’s room is the obvious answer but it doesn’t really fit into the story. If the time difference wasn’t realized, the spatial difference would have been (or vice versa) to know it’s not the right place.

  3. Thank you Steven for mentioning Whographica–I’ve now put it on hold from the yet again wonderful Toronto public library (they have 4 holdable copies).

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