Radio Free Skaro #543 – Two One Contact (Is The Answer)

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rfs543Rumours, mumblesuch and nonsense dominated the news week, from Power of the Daleks teases that weren’t to the chance (slim to in actual fact…none) that Doctor Who would shoot soon in Warren’s own homestead of Vancouver. All poppycock! But you can count on the veracity and verisimilitude of the Three Who Rule as they tackle another exciting set of…Fluid Links!

Doctor Who and Class…To Feature At New York Comic-Con!
David Suchet…In Series 10!
Doctor Who…Not Filming In Vancouver!
Power of the Daleks…Animated Clip!
Richard Bignell…Disputes The Power of the Daleks Clip!
Jessica Jones…Beats Doctor Who For The Hugo Award!
Longleat Doctor Who Exhibition…1996 Pictures!
Michelle Gomez…At Chicago TARDIS!

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #543 – Two One Contact (Is The Answer)

  1. Perhaps I might leave this to be entered into the next drawing for Fluid Links?

    I’d be interested if, as significant figures at the intersection of Canadianness and televisual SF fandom, you could explain what on earth is going on with Orphan Black’s peculiar attitude to nationality. Whenever they have to talk about the country or city that they’re in, they always resort to circumlocutions like “this side of the pond.”

    I could absolutely understand a show filmed in Canada that was set in the US. Happens all the time. But then you would say that you were in New York or wherever, and dress your locations accordingly. As it is, it is pretty obvious that they’re in Toronto. I mean, the cars all have Ontario license plates. So why be so scared of the word “Canada”?

  2. Hi there, Voord.

    The simple answer to your question is that BBC America (or someone down the production line) asked/demanded that Orphan Black be set in “Generica”. I remember reading an interview with the two Canadian writer/producers when the show first launched, where they stated this.

    This has been an issue for some time with Canadian TV shows. There seems to be a (probably accurate) feeling that US networks won’t buy TV shows or movies from Canada if they’re unmistakably set in Canada. This has led to a lot of shows who have no hope of being picked up by a US network being written as to avoid the overt Canadianisms. It’s sad. The very few shows and movies (the films Owning Mahoney, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman was set in Toronto, and The Shipping News, with Kevin Spacey and Judi Dench, was set and filmed in Newfoundland come to mind) are very rare, but it’s nice to see the producers of those films actually show pride in their homeland!

    Also, can’t Americans just accept that they have neighbours to the north? Yeesh!

  3. Oh dear. It’s a shame that such an otherwise well-written show takes me right out of the story every time a line of dialogue has so obviously been written to avoid mentioning where the characters are. This is such a daft and clumsy instance of Generica (the license plates, for God’s sake) that it seems like deliberate sabotage of the higher-ups’ instructions by Canadian patriots…

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