Radio Free Skaro #534 – To The End Of The Universe

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rfs534For a Year With No Doctor Who, this week brought a surfeit of news, including tales of actors and writers headed for Series 10 (which begins filming this week!), news about Class, Doctor Who being included on the initial Emmy nomination list for the first time ever, and more! The mind veritably reels at this cornucopia of informational entertainments. But let’s be honest, you’re here for even more Rachel Talalay, and RFS delivers, as the acclaimed director joins us for the second of her two-part commentary, this one for “Hell Bent”!

Doctor Who Series 10…Begins Filming This Week!
First Series 10 Table Reads…Done!
Series 10 Kicks Off With A Steven Moffat Script…Directed By Lawrence Gough!
Series 10 Episode Two…By Frank Cottrell-Boyce!
Series 10 Recording Block Two…With Stories By Sarah Dollard And Mike Bartlett!
Series 10 Has Matt Lucas Returning…And Stephanie Hyam Guesting!
Matt Lucas Indicates Nardole Will Appear…In Multiple Stories!
Class Will Feature…An LGBT Lead Character!
Peter Capaldi…On The Long List For An Emmy!
Adric In The Big Finish…2017 Main Range!
Big Finish…The Trouble With Drax!
Big Finish Short Trips Competition…Closes Soon!
Paul Cornell Interview…On DWTWR!
Sean Pertwee…Was Asked To Appear In Doctor Who!
Red Dwarf…LEGO Ideas!
Gallifrey One Guest Announcement…Coming This Week!
LI Who…Guest Update!
Whooverville 8…Guests!
Anglicon…This August!
WYCC Chicago…Shows Tom Baker Stories!

Commentary (Starts at 36:00):


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #534 – To The End Of The Universe

  1. Hello! I’m the content director for WILL-TV, the PBS station for Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, and a “Doctor Who” fan since I caught Jon Pertwee’s brief run on WTTW in Chicago back in ’75-’76.

    On your most recent episode, you mentioned that WYCC (the other Chicago PBS station) is running the Tom Baker stories, and suggested that they might be playing up the nostalgia factor by airing the omnibus versions.

    For what it’s worth, the omnibus versions are the only ones currently available for U.S. syndication. A couple of years ago, BBC Worldwide sold a package of Jon Pertwee “movies,” and is now doing the same with Tom Baker. They’ve apparently been remastered, and the sample clips I’ve seen look great!

    Quick plug: WILL-TV will air them Saturdays at 10 pm beginning July 23. Apologies for the late time slot, but it makes it easier to accommodate the variable lengths of the “movies.” For now, I’ve only purchased “Robot” through “Weng-Chiang,” as I’m hoping that Series 9 of nuWho will become available to PBS stations sometime in 2017.

  2. Thanks for the info, David! We’ll try to mention this on the next episode. And don’t you dare apologize for the late time slot, as 10pm on Saturday nights is the One True Time Slot for Doctor Who in North America!

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