Radio Free Skaro #523 – Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

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rfs523Japes, buffoonery and falsehoods dominate the news this week, with beloved entertainer and Deadite murderer Bruce Campbell claiming he’ll be the next Doctor..all in service of April Fool’s Day. What a card! And bless him for trying because there’s almost nothing else happening as the Year of No Who limps along. However, we at RFS are doing our part to fill the gap with our Series 9 commentaries, including this week’s look at “The Girl Who Died” with Alyssa from Whovian Feminism!

Bruce Campbell As The Doctor…April Fools!
Diana Gabaldon Writes For Doctor Who…April Fools!
Michelle Gomez…BAFTA-nominated!
Long Island Who…Guest Changes!


The Girl…Who Died!

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #523 – Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

  1. Hello

    As far as I know filming for Class starts in April and I think Dr Who itself in May – this year.

    Regarding the new companion, could it be as The Doctor is appearing in Class, that the companion will make his or her first appearance there too – as did Miss Wright and Mr Chesterton – and indeed Susan Forman herself in the very first episode of Dr Who, “The Unearthly Child”?

    Regarding Hal his first appearance was in The Time Warrior, meeting up and working with Sarah Jane Smith herself. I thought I heard someone saying it was The Time Monster?

    Regarding Sarah Jane herself I had never had any problems with her and the Pertwee Doctor. In fact I’ve enjoyed all her episodes on Dr Who and in The Sarah Jane Adventures too.

    Re Alyssa from Whovian Feminism, I was very glad and surprised to hear her on your show – I first thought it might be an April the first wheeze. {Yes, she was on another podcast which I also heard. }

    I’ve been reading her “blog” for years and always appreciate her insights into the woman’s point of view on feminism and Dr Who, which is how I first found her site, (and into feminism itself).

    I hope you’ll have her back on Radio Free Skaro another time.

    Regards to you all, every one!


    PS I’m still waiting on the next episode of Lazy Dr Who – I’m not that lazy!

  2. Thanks, James – Lazy Doctor Who is being lazy at the moment, but worry not! It will be back soon.

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