Radio Free Skaro #513 – A Day In The Life Of Big Finish

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rfs513Is it true? Is Doctor Who leaving Netflix and Hulu in the US? It certainly appears that way, and the Three Who Rule range from perturbed to sanguine at this development, tempered with speculation on a possible BBC streaming service. Plus there’s news of dolls, coloring books, poorly considered song choices by future showrunners, and a full length documentary by Steven from the heart of Big Finish’s HQ in deepest London. What mysteries do these auditory magicians hold in their secret lair! Listen…and learn!
Show notes:

Doctor Who leaving Netflix and Hulu in the US
From September, BBC planning a US streaming site
Gallifrey One guest updates
Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who theme song from 1985
Exclusive “Spearhead From Space” steelbook
Talking Tom Baker plush toy
A second Doctor Who colouring book coming April 7


Big Finish: Vampire of the Mind

7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #513 – A Day In The Life Of Big Finish

  1. Great documentary Steven. Really impressed by the quality of recent content such as this and the excellent Paul McGann interviews.

  2. Steven,

    Really enjoyed the Big Finish documentary-well done! As you know, on the Big Finish productions they give some behind the scenes info, but aren’t very focused on the production side of things. So, it was fun to hear about their process.

    Can I make a request for your Gally preview? I’m a first time Gally attendee and I would really value hearing you three give tips and advice for first-timers. Thanks!

  3. Great documentary! It was really interesting to learn a bit more about the Big Finish behind the scenes work.

  4. Fun episode, as always. Particularly liked the documentary. (Trying not to be jealous you got to visit Big Finish and see/hear them work.)

    With regard to DW leaving Netflix and Hulu and the BBC doing a streaming thing… I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen anyone point out the increased potential for them to release DVD season box sets of Classic Who (preferably with all the VAM). Not just The Key to Time and Trial of a Time Lord. PLEASE?!

  5. The Big Finish documentary was good and interesting. I have listened to their stories for ages. Thanks Steven!

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