Radio Free Skaro #505 – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


Radio Free Skaro #505 – Click here to listen!

rfs505Series 9 is over….and what a way to go! Time Lords, Clara, Me, hybrids, mythology, mystery and a certain retro time machine make for some delicious Feels Gumbo on this week’s Radio Free Skaro. From Rachel Talalay’s fine direction to subtle performances from both P-Cap and J-Co and everything in between, this episode had it all, and the Three Who Rule dive deep into “Hell Bent” for you, dear listener. Also discussed is the upcoming “The Husbands of River Song”, and the new line of Doctor Who inspired fashions from Hot Topic!
Show notes:

Heaven Sent…Appreciated!
Face the Raven…Final BBC Viewing Figure!
Christmas Episode…Title!
Christmas Special…BBC Broadcast Time!
Peter Jackson…Directs Who?
Underwater Menace…North American DVD Release Delayed!
Series 9 Part 2…New Artwork!
Funko Pop…Tenth Doctor Regeneration Figure!
Hot Topic…New Doctor Who Clothing Line!
Little Big Planet…Doctor Who Costume Pack!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #505 – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

  1. Hey, just though I’d let you know that I saw the Tardis coat in Hot Topic in Calgary. I got there on Saturday. It wasn’t on any of the racks, but thrown on a box near the floor at the back of the store. You now where they keep all those boxes.

    But they only had 2 left, xs and xxl. I bought the xs…. It’s a bit tight and I’ll have to lose about 15lbs for it to fit properly. But…. Maybe they will restock? Oh and btw, it is sold out online but here is the link

    love the show!

  2. I wondered what the music at the end was as well, and was hoping that someone would post it on here, not luck though 😦

  3. @ Darthcheese: Do you mean the final bit of music as the Doctor takes off again at the end of the episode ? Or the guitar music he played ?

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