Radio Free Skaro #503 – Let Me Be Brave


Radio Free Skaro #503 – Click here to listen!

rfs503And so we come to the end of Clara Oswald, one of the most consequential companions in the history of Doctor Who and the focus of “Face The Raven,” the third to last story in Series 9. What did the Three Who Rule think of Clara’s departure, writer Sarah Dollard’s debut, and the return of Rigsy? And, as the Three catch up on various news items of the past couple weeks, what of stats, comics, DVDs and other frip-frap? Next week, Steven calls in from Chicago TARDIS and we look at “Heaven Sent,” the Capaldi one-hander leading into the Series 9 finale. Woot!
Show notes:

Face…The Raven!
Episodes 11 & 12…Are Longer!
Sleep No More…Appreciated!
The Zygon Inversion…Appreciated!
The Zygon Inversion…Final BBC Viewing Figure!
The Zygon Invasion…Final BBC Viewing Figure!
Doctor Who…Popular On SPACE!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Jenna Coleman…Withdraws From Chicago TARDIS!
Eve Myles…Withdraws From Chicago TARDIS!
Tenth Doctor/Donna…Big Finish Clip!
Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane…Titan Comics!
The Dad Who Fell To Earth…Fictitious Award Nomination!
The Underwater Menace…North American DVD Release?
Series 9 Part Two…North American DVD/BluRay Release!


5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #503 – Let Me Be Brave

  1. Great episode from you guys as usual. In comparison to Amys death Claras was a let down. It didn’t hit me at all.

    Can’t wait for the next episode

    CU Tobias

  2. I am still looking for the Yrcanos moment that will mean that Clara Prime (assuming it is she) did not die!

  3. I was hoping Clara would make it out alive. It is starting to feel like Game of Thrones without the sex. In my head canon Clara might still make it. After all she still has a child she has never actually had. And we know almost nothing about the true nature of the Raven.

    I like Rigsy especially in his first appearance, but Courtney Woods would probably make the best choice for a new companion. The Doctor and her are funny to watch. She would also make an excellent candidate for a happy future after travelling with the Doctor. ie a redemption from trouble maker at school to something better as an adult.

  4. It was a pretty sad moment. I rewatched the episode and noticed all the little nuances in the Doctor and Clara’s faces, really listened to what was being said…it was tragic. Although, I’m still fingers crossed that she makes it out for the final episode in some timey-wimey weird twist and then has a a happier goodbye.

    If not, god damn.

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