Radio Free Skaro #490 – Smoke on the Water


Radio Free Skaro #490 – Click here to listen!

rfs490Another Hugos has come and gone, and with it two-thirds of the Radio Free Skaro crew can cross “host pre and post show at the Hugos and ad-lib for almost a half hour during same” off their bucket list. Though the Hugos were…dogged with controversy, in the eye of the storm all was calm and in fact Steven and Warren (along with Verity’s own Erika Ensign) were pleased to attend their first Worldcon, an international celebration of science fiction and fantasy that pre-dates (and was interrupted by) World War II! And as if that wasn’t enough, the Two and Verity Who Rule bring you all the latest Doctor Who news, of which there is a smattering! Enjoy!
Show notes:

The Hugo Awards
The 2015 Hugo Awards Ceremony, plus pre- and post-shows
Breakdown of 2015 Hugos voting and nominations
Steven and Warren visit KSPS-TV in Spokane
Series 9 preview in SFX Magazine
Episode 9 by Mark Gatiss will be found footage style
New gallery images for Series 9
Doctor Who – Mission: Dalek launched
Doctor Who miniatures tabletop game in development
Dark Water/Death in Heaven 3D Blu-ray cover art released
Doctor Who Legacy v3.0 released


4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #490 – Smoke on the Water

  1. Steven: I have just begun the exact same public television air date project that you’re doing! The station in question is WITV and the other SCETV affiliates that provided Doctor Who to viewers in South Carolina. We can’t be the only two fans who have done this research. We should put our lists together online and let other people contribute their public TV stations’ schedules. Imagine the many ways in which we could torture Warren with related stats! 😉

    If anyone knows of such a project already out there, or if anyone is interested in attempting it, let me know.

  2. Warlord games make a range of metal and plastic WW2, Judge Dredd and Terminator models, plus lots of others. Their models are really nice and I’m looking forward to getting these. Can’t wait to get a plastic Dalek boxet.

    Check out Crooked Dice who also do a nice range of metal “we’re really not Doctor Who ad Blake’s 7 models”

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