Radio Free Skaro #466 – Electro Quarterstaff


Radio Free Skaro #466 – Click here to listen!

rfs466The Two Who Rule and Chip are back, with a somewhat sparse but interesting news list featuring a fascinating Steven Moffat interview in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, a Capaldi plushie (henceforth referred to as CuddlePaldi), news of the BBC spinning off a studio division, a truly excrable survey of Doctor Who viewers circa 1988, and (not much) more! But the meat of the matter is a commentary featuring not only the regular RFS crew but also the inestimable Graeme Burk, author and Reality Bomb impressario. Band of brothers, fighting together!
Show notes:

Jenna Coleman was planning to leave at the end of Series 8
Steven Moffat interview in Doctor Who Magazine #484
BBC hiving off productions to new “BBC Studios”
Den of Geek links to BBC archive of 1988 audience survey
David Gerrold’s Doctor Who vs. Star Trek comic
New Doctor Comics issues for March from Titan Comics
Twelfth Doctor Talking Plushie
Chip Sudderth of Two-Minute Time Lord


Robot of Sherwood
Graeme Burk


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #466 – Electro Quarterstaff

  1. I think there may be a problem with this episode’s upload. The first 35 minutes is silence, and then the rest seems to only be one isolated microphone. You can hear the other guys bleeding through his connection/headphones occasionally, but otherwise is silent. Perhaps only one stem of the audio mix was published by mistake.
    Love the podcast and I am enjoying the series 8 commentaries.
    Keep ’em coming! [Preferably with all sides of the conversation ;)]

  2. UPDATE: I just deleted and re-downloaded. The episode is correct now – thanks!

  3. Really fun commentary! Rocket Robin Hood is not entirely unknown in the US. It was broadcast for a time by a low budget UHF station in Sacramento, and I’m guessing elsewhere as well. My sister and I watched it along with Marvel cartoons notable for their terrible animation.

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