Radio Free Skaro #455 – Andrew Smith, When The Mists Fell


Radio Free Skaro #455 – Click here to listen!

rfs455Fancy a return to Alzarius? We did, so we contacted classic Doctor Who and Big Finish writer Andrew Smith about “Mistfall,” his upcoming Big Finish audio play which sends the Fifth Doctor, Turlough, Nyssa and Tegan back to E-Space. Andrew also joins us to look at the news of the week, including stats, plush Tennants, and a possible controversy concerning Netflix! Toby Hadoke also makes a special appearance to reflect with Steven on the life and times of Bernard Kay, the accomplished actor who appeared in The Daleks, the Crusade, The Faceless Ones and Colony in Space, and who sadly passed away this week. Enjoy, and look forward to next week, where we continue our Chicago TARDIS interviews with the fantastic Camille Coduri!
Show Notes:

Last Christmas…BBC Ratings!
Last Christmas…Appreciated!
The Radio Times…Ranks The Christmas Specials!
Daniel O’Hara…Directing In Series 9?
BBC America…Timeshifting!
Sir…War Doctor!
Tenth Doctor…Plush!
US Netflix…Losing Doctor Who?
Bernard Kay…Died.
Full Circle…Audiobook!




4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #455 – Andrew Smith, When The Mists Fell

  1. Just going to take this opportunity to apologise for previous comments I’ve made while having some psychological issues which i’m being treated for.Especially unfortunate since I had to attend a catholic burial ceremony for my late Aunt Maureen on New Years Eve and i’m of a protestant Christian persuasion but the comment I made was blasphemous,even if I was having something of a breakdown.Great to hear Mr Andrew Smith’s opinions on your podcast as usual. Mistfall kind of reminds me of Silence.Thinking ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ is a much better title than the ‘Endless Anguish Of My Father.’

  2. Full Circle episode 4 was the only one with an Appreciation Index score. It was 65%.

  3. Seems especially important for me to point out that my psychological issues are as much a result of my personal inadequacies in establishing relationships with women as any of Ms.Gillans’ career choices.Can’t really apologise enough to her family and Ms Gillan for not pointing this out more urgently.Whatever she thinks of me personally now I will continue to admire her ability as an actress anyway.As for the weird coincidences which have been occurring which have delayed me saying anything and disturbed me.They can’t be as imaginary as suggestions elsewhere that i’m entitled to any profit because I’ve tried to be supportive.Apologies again but i’m not really used to the experience of feeling the way I have been.

  4. Erm…those glasses I wore the last time I saw Ms.Gillan in Britain snapped at New Years Eve.But once upon a time or once upon a lifetime?Once.Maybe today is 5.5 /Apple/26 5 billion years later(end of the world)and i’m crazy.Maybe two hearts could be better than one if the heart has no geography and knows no boundaries?I was reading Thania St Johns’ Lois and Clark script,that John Shea signed for me and wondering what Ms Gillan would look like dressed as a chicken like lois lane and how that short film she directed’Coward’ turned out.Happy Birthday Elvis Presley from Double Trouble.Hoping i’m not the Enemy of The World,incidentally.Yes,i am indeed weird but isn’t Doctor Who weird?I know Mr Moffat wrote ‘Do not under any circumstances..YOW! but Let’s Rock.The eyes of Texas are upon you till Gabriel blows his horn and I was born on 22 July ,two days after the ‘Time of Angels’ commenced filming.I’m not quite as old as The Doctor but i’m just as strange,i guess.Thank you to Radio Free Skaro for not banning me,already.I don’t want the world,i’d settle for even one day with Ms. Gillan sometime, just to find out..

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