Radio Free Skaro Patreon Special #1: Dimensions in Time Commentary


Radio Free Skaro Patreon Special #1 – Click here to listen!

rfspatreon1Happy Holidays to our beloved listeners across the world! And thank you to our supporters on Patreon who have pushed us over the $80/episode mark in our ongoing Patreon fundraising campaign. To celebrate both of these wonderful occasions, we look back in time to provide a commentary on another blessed event in the history of Doctor Who – the 1993 charity special “Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time”! Listen to the Three Who Rule regale you with insights and whimsy about this infamous “celebration” of Doctor Who’s 30th anniversary, as well as reflect on how Doctor Who was looked upon at that time by the BBC and the general public and how Dimensions in Time might have represented the best possible celebration that could be mustered. And all of this is thanks to you, Patreon subscribers! Thanks. This is all down to you. Enjoy!
Watch Dimensions in Time along with us!:

Show Notes:

The story behind…Dimensions in Time!


5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro Patreon Special #1: Dimensions in Time Commentary

  1. FWIW…..the programme Noel Edmunds hosts these days is ‘Deal or no deal’ (IMHO one of the most pointless programmes on TV but oddly very popular) and the ‘two Ronnie Corbett’ guy was Mike Read (as per the other incidental characters a regular on Eastenders in 1993). If nothing else this ‘special’ does indeed serve as a sobering reminder of how very lucky we are these days. Does ANYONE understand what was going on?

  2. It amazes me that anyone takes this seriously, trying fit it into canon or caring whether any of it makes sense within what excuse the show has for continuity.
    It’s a personal appearance to encourage people to donate to charity. That’s it.

    You don’t see fans of Eastenders (yes, they do exist) desperately worrying about what this means for the series continuity or what reputational damage (?!) the appearance might have.
    Every year several shows make in-character appearances for CiN. Only (some) DW fans are the type to be left wracking their brains and gnashing their teeth about it (for the next twenty years).

  3. The only high points in this is seeing the Brig in uniform one last time, and that both Nicola Bryant and Sarah Sutton were in their mid 30’s at this point and were both hot as hell!

  4. Mike “Two Ronnie Corbetts” Reid was in a Dr Who story in 1966 – “The War Machines”. He’s Mr Crossover!

  5. The Chwistmas with a Dalek song really pummels the old brainpan. It’s arguably a more stupid pop curiosity than The Legend of Bilbo Baggins. Quite a find!

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