Radio Free Skaro #452 – In the Nick of Time


Radio Free Skaro #452 – Click here to listen!

rfs452It’s beginning to feel a lot like Last Christmas, which is dominating both our thoughts and the promotional efforts of the BBC Publicity department. Maybe that’s why most of our news is focused on that upcoming holiday where they show a new Doctor Who story and some other, largely irrelevant events rides its coattails. Plus there’s news of a Doctor Who theme park, which is greeted by the confusion and derision only three middle aged nerds with no concept of what the kids today are into could muster. All that questionable content, and an interview from Chicago TARDIS with the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen and countless other creatures, Nick Briggs, who is also one of the main creative forces behind Big Finish! What are you waiting for?
Show Notes:

Last Christmas…Clip!
Last Christmas…Trailer!
Last Christmas…Media Kit!
Last Christmas…On SPACE!
Last Christmas…On ABC1!
Moffat…Talks Of A Female Doctor!
Alex Kingston…At Gallifrey One!
Katy Manning…At Long Island Who!
BBC…Theme Park!
Doctor Who…Part Of Free Comics Day 2015!
Lethbridge-Stewart…Novel Range!
All Of Classic Doctor Who…At The Same Time!
Long Island Who…3!



One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #452 – In the Nick of Time

  1. Dear so-called Radio Free Skaro geniuses, I particularly enjoyed your Top Gear idea of driving in a semi while making racist comments. I did however think that your egregrious failure to come up with creative ideas for a Doctor Who ride, when the idea is obvious. It’s standing and tap-dancing naked painted neon orange screaming at the top of its lungs!

    You see, or rather imagine as you are not inside of my head, it is quite simple: It is an enclosed rollercoaster in a tube. The seats are painted/designed like TARDISes, while the circular tube surrounding it, as I said enclosed rollercoaster, is painted and lit to look like the Time Vortex. Thus, one can travel through the Time Vortex itself! MUAHAHAHA!

    Or something. Thank you for violently reading this. –Terry

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