Radio Free Skaro #450 – Billie Piper at the Gates of Dawn


Radio Free Skaro #450 – Click here to listen!

rfs450The annual tradition of US Thanksgiving (as we Canadians call it) brings about another yearly custom – Chicago TARDIS! This year’s edition has been quite wonderful, bringing together most of the main cast of Series 1 of the new series to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who returning to our screens. Our own Steven had the honour of interviewing several of these notable folks onstage, and on this podcast we bring you a chat with none other than Rose Tyler herself, Billie Piper! Also, Erika and Lynne from Verity! drop by to give their thoughts on the convention. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Coming Christmas Day…Doctor Who: Last Christmas!
Doctor Who: Last Christmas…synopsis!
Catherine Tregenna…writing for Doctor Who!
Erika and Lynne…from Verity!

Billie Piper


5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #450 – Billie Piper at the Gates of Dawn

  1. Thanks for sharing the interview with Billie Piper; it was lovely! I was amazed that she has never heard of the term “ship” before. That means she must have never seen the hundreds of thousands of fanfictions shipping Rose with everyone in Doctor Who imaginable. As far as the origin, we were using the term “ship” back in the mid nineties, with my dial up modem and text only Jag Fandom boards. The “shippers” were those who wanted Harm and Mac to have a romantic relationship. I don’t know if that’s the origin, but that is when I first came in contact with the term, a good 10 years before Tumbler.

  2. Just wanted to say, Steven, that you did an excellent job as moderator this weekend at the con. also my apologies for being too shy/introverted to converse with you in person at the con – hopefully next year we can remedy that. I did catch up with Erika who was kind enough to say a few words on my podcast.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to hear what RFS has in store for 2015.

    JB of the WHO 37 Podcast.

  3. Thanks, JB! I’ve got the podcast panel on the Who 37 queued up to ease me into the post-CT blues. And do come say hi next year!

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