Radio Free Skaro #448 – The Road To Qdoba


Radio Free Skaro #448 – Click here to listen!

rfs448And so begins the Dark Times, otherwise known as waiting a month and a bit after the end of Series 8 for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. In the meantime, the Three Who Rule tackled stats, poured one out for sci-fi TV legend Glen A. Larson, and most importantly, devoted the bulk of the episode to your Series 8 related questions with the return of Fluid Links! Burning inquiries, inquiring questions, questionable burning and more! Next week, a Series 8 roundtable with Shaun Lyon, Felicity Brown, and Chip Sudderth!
Show Notes:

Children In Need…Christmas Episode Teaser!
Death In Heaven…Appreciated!
Death In Heaven…Final BBC Numbers!
A Return…Is Teased!
Stuart Manning Series 8 Posters…To Be Sold By Big Chief!
Eleventh Doctor Regeneration…In LEGO!
Glen A Larson…Died.
Radio Free Skaro…At Sasquan/WorldCon 2015!


7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #448 – The Road To Qdoba

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  2. Really enjoyed your “Fluid Links” format. As for which series 8 character I’d like to see as a companion, I vote for Courtney Woods. I suppose her story is done as far as we’re concerned, but I’d really hoped she’d stick around for a while.

    Have any of you read the essay about Missy/The Master on – It’s a great piece (I think), pointing out how making the Master a woman externalizes things that have been true about the character all along. I don’t know classic Who as well as you three do, so I’d be curious to hear you all respond to it. Agree? Disagree?

    I still think I see some Peter Cushing Doctor in Peter Capaldi’s occasionally tightly pursed lips and slightly cocked head and gangly walk…

  3. That hand coming out of the painting is Clara’s right. It looks weird because she’s awkwardly climbing out of the painting and it’s shot to maximise the 3D effect.
    I googled a still of said hand and then googled what Clara looked like in the 50th anniversary and found a promotional still and both clearly show that Clara’s right hand has the same set of rings and the arm has the same jacket as the hand coming out of the painting.

    People are just overreacting because they, like I did, missed the jacket thing in ‘Flesh and Stone’.

    The Master probably just stole a TARDIS and got out somehow. Wasn’t the reason that Gallifrey hadn’t returned on its own basically stated to be a reluctance to restart the time war anyways and not a technical inability to? Wasn’t that what ‘Time of the Doctor’ was all about? Wanting the Doctor to let the Time Lords know it was safe to come through the crack? Would the Master care if she had a TARDIS when the crack was open?

  4. I’m only posting halfway through so may very well post again but thought I’d put out that (even though I don’t believe or want it) the Osgood in Death in Heaven could still be the Zygon version. In Day of the Doctor when they are all in the Black Archive without their memory it is the zygon Osgood who gets short of breath whilst the real Osgood has the inhaler in her pocket.

    As I’ve just listened to the discussion on the theme music (and I’ll have to pause now to work) I’ll add that my favourite is the 7b / 50th version. I also love the titles for that period. The VotD / Series 4 version was also great as it felt like it had a sense or urgency. I always found the Ponds title music too agressive – it didn’t really fit in with the mood of the show during series 5, 6 and 7a. Series 8 took some getting used to but I like it now.

    Looking forward to finishing the podcast on lunch!

  5. Re: the hand in the painting from “The Day of the Doctor”, apparently Frank Skinner, who was hosting the press launch for the Series 8 Blu-ray set, asked Steven Moffat about this very thing and Moffat confirmed that it was Clara’s hand, not the Master’s.

  6. Zygons have to periodically refresh the body print which is why they keep the captured human versions. Presumably Zygon Osgood would therefore need the real Osgood around – perhaps even on the splodey plane.

  7. Warren, best sign-off ever. I laughed like a fool in the lunchroom at work.

    More of this.

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