Radio Free Skaro #446 – The Moffat Master Plan


Radio Free Skaro #446 – Click here to listen!

rfs446The penultimate episode of Series 8 is upon us, with Cybermen, the afterlife, and Missy, who is revealed as….well, you should certainly watch “Dark Water” (penned by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay) before listening to the Three Who Rule expound upon the contents therein, or risk a mega-spoiler of cataclysmic magnitude. Have you watched? Good. Then enjoy our banter on the excellent direction, subtle performances, and the sometimes….excited reaction of certain segments of fandom when a beloved character takes a a sharp right turn into a different form. Next week, the finale, “Death in Heaven”, and news from Long Island Who!
Show Notes:

Dark Water…BBC One Overnights!
In The Forest Of The Night…Appreciated!
Death In Heaven…BBC Broadcast Time!
Day Of The Doctor & Time Of The Doctor…Soundtracks!
Matt Smith Years…Blu-Rays!
Sean Pertwee…Cosplays As The Third Doctor!
Long Island…Who!


15 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #446 – The Moffat Master Plan

  1. It could have been another Timelord/lady with abandonment issues… Susan Foreman

  2. Answer to previous question Come Dancing was a formation dancing competition between the different regions of Britain; very formal, conservatively dressed dancers – no audience voting – judges decided results….

    This episode

    To all those that didn’t like it DELETE!

    Favourite line was when doctor was asked what’s all this swearing.

    Was surprised that Missy was the Master though knew of that option…. Liked the idea it was well executed!

    Did the Doctor abandon the Master when they were friends?

    If it was Missy in the shop who gave Clara the doctor’s telephone, why didn’t Clara remember her?

  3. The reveal of Missy being the Master was a bit of a letdown..what i am looking forward to is the explanation of the tech that has enabled the master to intercept the consciousness of people that have died on earth and far off in space in different time/places.

    How can that be explained??i will be very upset if it is not explained..

  4. “i am looking forward to is the explanation of the tech that has enabled the master to intercept the consciousness of people that have died on earth and far off in space in different time/places.”

    Isn’t the Master/Missy using Gallifreyan tech? Part of the Matrix that was used as a final resting place for dead Timelords?

  5. I had to stop listening to RFS a couple of years ago, because I just find Warren obnoxious.
    Tuned back in for most of this series and stayed with it because he didn’t seem quite as objectionable as I remembered.
    Gonna have to tune out again though, because he dialed up his unctuousness to 11 this week.
    Gets to a stage where where every time I hear his voice It’s like nails down a blackboard and it sets my teeth on edge.
    Shame because Stephen & Chris are great hosts.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks guys for plugging this past weekends Vancouver Doctor Who convention meeting. Your support is really appreciated.

  7. Jeff, not certain exactly what you post was supposed to accomplish.I think the comments are for discussing this episode, not for you to voice your displeasure with RFS.

  8. Actually Warren is utterly marvellous. Clearly I’m the karmic balance to James’s reaction!

    The woman in the shop who gave the Doctor’s number to Clara could’ve been any of the Master’s hypnotised followers; what’s interesting is how did the Master know the Doctor’s number?

  9. If the master has been collecting bodies for a very long time. Maybe he has several Claras in his collection.. I think if the tardy is physically locked down with a key a key is required to unlock it.also Clara was not thinking properly when she did this.

  10. I kind of saw the Master = Missy thing coming, and was initially skeptical of the theory beforehand because I was (foolishly) worried about how they would explain the return. While addressing it would be nice, I’m not as concerned about it. They handled the build-up and reveal well, and I enjoyed Gomez’s performance.

    @Frankymole: I believe the “woman in the shop” could very well have been Missy herself. Why? Because when we meet people at first, we often forget about the details about how they look–note the descriptor “woman in the shop” and not “middle-aged, brown-haired woman in the shop with a Mary Poppins fetish”–also, the Master/Missy was known for his/her disguises.

    Missy could easily obtain the TARDIS’ “number” because she had spent a good deal of time in it (18 months or so) between “Utopia” and “Last of the Time Lords” in Series 3.

  11. Does that “puzzled, quizzical” look Stephen describes on Capaldi’s face remind anyone else of the Peter Cushing Doctor? Just me? I think there may be some (admittedly very subtle and slight) homage going on!

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