Radio Free Skaro #436 – Planet of the Pudding Brains


Radio Free Skaro #436 – Click here to listen!

rfs436After months of waiting, feverish panic, speculation, madness, leaked scripts, world tours and other such lunacy, the first episode of Doctor Who, Series 8, titled “Deep Breath”, is upon us. You know what that means? Stats! So, so many stats. And, to a lesser extent, the opinions of Steven, Warren and Chris regarding Peter Capaldi’s debut episode and right-turn portrayal of everyone’s favourite Time Lord. Of course there was other news to ruminate upon, but…who are we kidding here, you want the “Deep Breath” goodness. And you shall have it! Tally-ho!
Show Notes:

Episode 1…Deep Breath!
Deep Breath…overnight viewing figures!
Doctor Who…Extra!
Doctor Who Extra…on Red Button!
Into The Dalek…730pm on August 30 on BBC One!
Robot of Sherwood…synopsis!
Series 8…episode titles!
Series 8…guest stars!
Series 8…coming to New Zealand August 31!
Series 8 in Germany…without German dubbing!
Series 8 in Germany…will later have German subtitles!
Have a look at…the revamped TARDIS interior!
Doctor Who World Tour…concludes!
Peter Capaldi…thanks the fans!
Space goes to New York…for the Doctor Who World Tour!
Space interviews…Peter Capaldi!
Space interviews…Jenna Coleman!
Doctor Who Legacy to add…Series 8 content!
The Matt Smith Years…coming to Blu-ray!
The Matt Smith Years Blu-ray…coming to Region 1 on November 4!
Series 8…coming to collectors edition Blu-ray on November 17!
2014 Hugo Awards…voting results!
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7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #436 – Planet of the Pudding Brains

  1. Capaldi’s Doctor (Who) is inherently unsettling. Anyone would be kinda freaked out – except maybe a 70s Soho-dwelling Tom Baker (he would find him most delightful).
    Cheerio …!

  2. I have absolutely no idea where this series is going but I can’t wait to find out. Deep Breath definitely wasn’t DW at its best but it was still a riveting piece of TV.

    For those familiar with her previous work it was no surprise Michelle Gomez’s character would be an absolute loon.
    Her role as Sue White in Green Wing was one of the most deliriously demented characters on TV. Well worth seeking out.

  3. Interesting start. Moffat seemed to want to be a bit meta, addressing fans with concerns about an older doctor responding to critics of his female characters, flirting, et. This stuff almost interfered with the episode itself. But Capaldi and Coleman were great, and it was fun to see Madame Vastra and Jenny again.

    Also, about the title of the upcoming episode, In the Forest of the Night. Not a song title. Read a little English literature. William Blake. The Tyger.

  4. About Clara: it’s one thing to know that he’s different, quite another to actually experience it. Think of it like trying to deal with someone you know who has had brain damage; the behaviour of that person will be changed and it can be very jarring, even if you’re prepared for it.

  5. The Episode titled “in the forest of the night” is a quote from the William Blake poem.

    “Tiger, Tiger, burning bright
    In the forest of the night”

    So….. Tigers???

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