Radio Free Skaro #416 – Random Access Memories


Radio Free Skaro #416 – Click here to listen!

rfs416Sadly, a trio of recent deaths in the Doctor Who world lead off this week’s episode, as we remember the contributions of writer/actor Glyn Jones, director Derek Martinus, and the Rani herself, Kate O’Mara. But with new Doctor Who still months away, trickles of information are beginning to emerge as to the shape of Series Eight, including returning writers (Gareth Roberts), new actors (Tom Riley) and…well, that’s about it. It’s only April! One thing you won’t have to wait for is the return of Fluid Links, where the Three Who Rule once again take your questions about the show and use their tiny mind-computers to formulate opinions. Next week, it’s another classic series commentary with “The Curse of Peladon”! Whee!
Show Notes:

Glyn Jones…1931-2014.
Derek Martinus…1931-2014.
Kate O’Mara…1939-2014.
Gareth Roberts…writing for Series 8!
Episode 6…filming now!
Tom Riley…guest stars!
BBC iPlayer…available of 30 days!
The War Doctor…figurine!
Twelfth Doctor…T-shirts!
Monster Day Out at…the Doctor Who Experience!
Radio Free Skaro on…Blue Box Podcast!
Chris talks about “The Ark” on…TARDIS Tavern!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #416 – Random Access Memories

  1. That story where Paul Greengrass,director of ‘Captain Phillips’ referenced the difference between the salary of the director and the stunt co ordinator in ‘Doctor Who’ was in an article about how he felt that the contribution of Directors in television production currently is being devalued was reported from’The Guardian’ website.
    Feel obliged to point out that its prominence in the article might indicate that certain sections of the Press would be happier if Doctor Who’s production was less writer orientated and that there are plenty of journalists who participate in discussions about Doctor Who like Dan Martin or Patrick Mulkern.

  2. Fluid link episodes are fast becoming my favorite parts of RFS. Long Live Fluid links!
    A couple of add-ins. In Christmas Invasion, the Doctor says “Very Arthur Dent, nice man” which indicated that he’s spend some time in the company of Mr. Dent whereas in Shakespeare Code Harry Potter is mentioned as a fictional character created by JK Rowling (“oh wait til you get to book seven, I cried!”or “good ol’ JK”). I think the question was asking which characters exist as ‘real’ vs fictional characters in the Doctor Who universe. Thank you RFS for teaching me to be a proper Doctor Who pedantor. 🙂
    I also find it odd that we don’t know the “real” story for Christopher Eccelston’s leaving. It’s been 10 years already, surely feelings and egos can’t still be bruised on either side. I keep hoping that it comes out on Who’s Round but I bet not.
    I know you think we are all tired of the Gally stories but for those of us not able to go to the convention, we live vicariously though your experiences. In addition, we are unlikely to be able to walk up and talk to our heroes of Doctor Who so we enjoy hearing your accounts. We also assume not everything can be posted during the Gally Shows.
    Okay, enough of my unnecessary comments. Another great episode guys!

  3. Have to say that it seemed odd to me that Paul Greengrass referenced Doctor Who’s production 10 years ago to illustrate his point about directors being devalued now.I’m wondering if he was annoyed at Doctor Who’s performance at the box office when the anniversary special was released last year in cinemas and wants to discourage directors of the calibre of Ben Wheatley and Peter Jackson from being involved in Doctor Who’s production.

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