Radio Free Skaro #409 – Gallifrey Falls No More


Radio Free Skaro #409 – Click here to listen!

rfs409The year’s most anticipated event on the calendar of the Three Who Rule and many thousands other Doctor Who fans has come and gone as Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious years has now concluded! Over 3700 attendees, guests, and volunteers enjoyed the event, and Radio Free Skaro was proud to be able to bring a little bit go Gally to you all each day. On this final episode from Gallifrey One, we interview Series 8 writer Phil Ford, “Closing Time” director Steve Hughes, Gallifrey One program director Shaun Lyon, and Doctor Who: The Discontinuity Guide authors Paul Cornell and Keith Topping. We also announce our plans for the next few weeks while we all wait for Series 8 to premiere! Enjoy, and thanks for listening!
Show Notes:

Gallifrey One…25 Glorious Years!
Gallifrey One…Panel List!
Gallifrey One…Friday schedule!
Gallifrey One…Saturday schedule!
Gallifrey One…Sunday schedule!
Gallifrey One…Autograph/Photos/Kaffeeklatsch schedule!
Gallifrey One…LAX Marriott convention map!
Gallifrey One…Dealers Room map!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #409 – Gallifrey Falls No More

  1. Yet another most excellent podcast from L.A,dudes.(If that beginning seems slightly inappropriate then please pretend David Banks said it.)The palpable excitement from all your contributors about their experiences on Doctor Who and indeed ,at the convention was really heartswarming.Kind of wish that you could assemble a collection of your friends together at the end of the convention to review some of their favourite panels,since you are usually too busy to be able to portray what’s happened.Maybe Verity! podcast could put together a complimentary podcast about the convention annually to give listeners a flavour of that side of the convention with your interviews?It could be the podcast equivalent of a J.S.A/J.L.A team up.( Freyburg knows of what i speak.)

  2. It almost appears that any story about Mark Gatiss involves travelling on a train.He seems to spend more time on trains than Michael Portillo and Michael Palin.He must actually live on one.Guess all the Pertwee criticism in the discontinuity guide must have really provoked him.

    All the nostalgia about fanzine criticism made me consider how unfortunate we are that most of the immediate criticism of new Doctor Who now is always subverted by people being combative and competitive on message boards .It’s a shame considering how adept Doctor Who fans are at criticism,that so little of it is usually worthwhile or fair anymore.

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