Radio Free Skaro #403 – Fluid Links


Radio Free Skaro #403 – Click here to listen!

rfs403The Three Who Rule aren’t known for feedback, which is befitting of their hubristic megalomania and general dedication to evil. But in a new feature called Fluid Links, we’ve invited you, the listener, to submit topics of note for us to hash over, debate, pettily argue and break into tears over. Shocking lack of imagination or new era of transparency and openness? You be the judge.

Also news, LEGO, emulated video games, funny books, Gally announcements and DVD releases!

Show Notes:

Arthur Darvill…At Gallifrey One!
Tom Baker…Turns 80!
Tom Baker…Interviewed!
Verity Lambert…Biography!
Peter Capaldi…Fan Art!
J Michael Straczynski…Wants To Write Doctor Who!
Doctor Who Fan Orchestra…50th Anniversary Suite!
Doctor Who Wins…Fictitious National Television Awards!
The Web of Fear…Region 2 DVD Release Date!
Titan…Licensed for Doctor Who comics!
Action Figures…The Next Wave!
Twelfth Doctor…Not Lego!
Eleventh Doctor…Slippers!
Doctor Who…Cards Against Gallifrey!
Doctor Who…Retro Gaming!


7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #403 – Fluid Links

  1. First, because of a twitter conversation I saw with the Verity Podcast, I wanted to ask if Steven and Warren now hate each other and if you guys could dial back the snark about comic books and lego in future shows. Second, more important, I really enjoyed the fluid links segment (not only because many of my questions got pulled). One of my favorite parts of RFS is the dynamic between the three hosts and this segment really exemplified that dynamic. I hope you continue with the segments.

  2. Loved the fluid link section. If you ever do it again I’ve got a couple of topics.
    Of all the characters who’ve appeared in classic and new Who, who are the ones you would have liked to have seen become companions.
    And we all have stories we hate and ones we just plain love, but for a bit of fun; what story would you trade in for the return of a lost story.

    By the way you fella’s are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

  3. I liked the feature. Thought it flowed well. And not because I made it into it: I enjoyed the other questions more than my own. You seemed like you were enjoying them. And yes, what Shelley said about the dynamic.

  4. Thanks for the show, RFSers! I discovered it a few months ago and I’ve been enjoying it every week since.

    The fluid link segment was fun. One thing struck me though: the bit about how amazingly wonderful Doctor Who fandom is, compared to other fandoms, like Star Trek, LOTR or Star Wars.

    I do happen to listen to some Star Trek and Tolkien podcasts as well from time to time and I find it fascinating (pardon the pun) that on these shows they sometimes say the exact same thing about their group of fans. What a wonderful group it is, how inclusive, how great their conventions are (and then they proceed to talk seemingly without end about minutiae of conventions that the majority of their listeners will probably never attend).

    I think it is just inherent in fandom. Similar behaviour can be seen in sports fans: “o, our team is much more X and our team’s fans are much more Y than the other teams’ fans!”

    Frankly, it’s just a bit nonsensical ingroup vs outgroup posturing, isn’t it? Not much harm done, I suppose, as long as it doesn’t cross the line. However, I did find it interesting to hear it on your show as well.

    Btw, as an aside: during this segment one of you made a comment about how (paraphrased) “there aren’t a lot of Lord of the Rings podcasts, because they only have three movies to talk about.” You do realise there was a book, I hope? And that (if you want to see it a bit broader than just LOTR) the author of that book wrote a lot of other stuff? So, there is lots to talk about. That was just as silly as saying that DW fans only have three theatrical releases, so what do they all talk about?

  5. Thank You for using my suggestion for Fluid Links.

    My own response for Doctor Who low point was Paradise Towers. It happened when we saw the pool monster. I felt better with Dragonfire and all doubt was removed with Remembrance of the Daleks.

    I really do not have this with the modern show. Fear Her was the last episode that left a bad taste in my mouth and before that it was The Long Game.

    Thanks Again.

  6. I enjoy RFS and also enjoyed this innovative “Fluid Links” format, but I do have to caution you about casting sweeping generalizations about other fandoms and the podcasts they may or may not have. While the amount of Doctor Who podcasts is certainly impressive, I would submit that Superman as a character has a number of “focused” podcasts to rival it (

    Also, while it is true that Trek doesn’t seem as well represented in the podcasting universe as Who, there’s at least one site,, that has very focused podcasts: each of the series, the books, the behind-the-scenes… There is very little, if any, “vs.” going on nowadays.

    Far better to just to celebrate one’s own fandom, rather than making comparisons that may or may not be true.

  7. Hello! I should like you say whatever you want! You have excellent boundaries, and any attempt to mollify those who are “offended” at a minor swipe at, say, Aquaman fans, can only result in a less fun podcast. Keep up the excellent work!

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