Radio Free Skaro #402 – Pop! Pop! Pop!


Radio Free Skaro #402 – Click here to listen!

rfs402The days are long and the news is sparse, but that didn’t stop the Three Who Rule from tackling a smattering of stats and DVD news in order to get to the important stuff, a commentary for “An Adventure in Space and Time”. Chris was available for the news but wasn’t for the commentary, so in his stead TV historian and bon vivant Simon Harries lent his considerable knowledge to an analysis of Mark Gatiss’ love letter to Doctor Who’s fascinating origins. Thrill to stories of BBC Television Centre! Watch David Bradley own the screen as William Hartnell! Listen to three grown men gibber incoherently over that scene at the end! Pop Pop Pop!
Show Notes:

Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Doctor Who…Tops iPlayer!
The Moonbase…DVD Preview!
The Web of Fear…On Region 1 DVD!
Worlds in Time…Closes!
Roger Lloyd Pack…Died.
Ken Trew…Died.

An Adventure In Space…And Time!


6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #402 – Pop! Pop! Pop!

  1. It was a pleasure to take part gentlemen, and thankyou for having me. SH 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mike. When we recorded the commentary, the soundtrack had yet to be announced, but we’re pretty glad to hear that it’s going to be a reality!

    And thank you, of course, Simon. Wonderful stuff.

  3. I really enjoyed the commentary – well done, all.

    FYI, William Hartnell lived in digs (lodgings) in London during the week of rehearsals and recording, returning to Sussex and his cottage at weekends, and he always attracted a gaggle of children who followed him from the train station – the pied piper effect hinted at by Gatiss with his park scene “playing Daleks”.

    His London digs were shared with fellow Who cast member Jack Pitt, I believe they were above a pub.

  4. Hello. Question about an older episode of the podcast. Quite a while back, one of the Three Who Rule (it might have just been Two at the time!) mentioned a “Doctor Who” episode with a coffee shop in Gallifrey. Do you remember which one that was? Thanks!

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