Radio Free Skaro #397 – Corvette Winter


Radio Free Skaro #397 – Click here to listen!

rfs397As Matt Smith’s time in Doctor Who approaches its end, the BBC is starting to ramp up promotion of Smith’s finale episode, “The Time of the Doctor”, with a new trailer and a series of very intriguing promo pics. These topics and more form some key discussion points for the Three Who Rule this week, but no stats this week in honour of Warren’s birthday celebrations! (Little does he know that there are no stats to discuss this week, anyway). However, the feature items in this week’s episode are two interviews from Chicago TARDIS. Dan Hall drops by again to give an update on the final two Pup Ltd related DVDs coming up in 2014, “The Moonbase” and “The Underwater Menace”, and the lovely Nina Toussaint-White (Mels from “Let’s Kill Hitler”) speaks to Steven in an interview recorded live on stage. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

The Time of the Doctor…trailer!
The Time of the Doctor…promo pics!
The Time of the Doctor…media pack!
The Time of the Doctor…airing December 26 in New Zealand!
Douglas Mackinnon…returning to Doctor Who!
BBC America says farewell…to Matt Smith!
Doctor Who holiday programming…on Space!
The Moonbase coming to Region 1 DVD…February 11!
BBC Radiophonic Workshop…on BBC Radio 6!
Power of the Daleks fanfilm…online!
Doctor Who and Torchwood items…at Bonham’s auction!
Official BBC…TARDIS app!

Chicago TARDIS Interview:
Dan Hall
Nina Toussaint-White

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #397 – Corvette Winter

  1. You know,i might be listening to this episode a couple more times for the sake of enjoying the incidental music from’Let’s Kill Hitler’ by itself.Seems very evocative of Zimmers’ soundtrack for ‘True Romance’for me which is ideal rather than a criticism.It’s just Great.As was the featured interview with Nina Toussaint-White.It was definitely providential that she didn’t meet Alex prior to shooting the regeneration because i don’t think it would have been very appropriate to the script to make an association between Melody and River deliberately from the actors.Allowed her an opportunity to establish a separate identity for the character for herself,i thought.Happy Birthday to Warren.I think watching The Eleventh Hour again before The Time Of The Doctor arrives might be very sound considering there are rumoured references between the stories.I need to encourage you to revisit more recent Doctor Who stories anyway,though as it’s a little obvious that you’re all a bit more inclined to watching stuff from further back recreationally usually.I’m probably gonna watch Name of The Doctor and Day of The Doctor before it too for the purpose of seeing them all play together and a satisfying dose of more Matt Smith.Haven’t seen the latest Hobbit movie myself yet but i’m pretty confident the 3D won’t be as exciting as the anniversary special.

  2. I thought it said Corvette Winner, and I was going to complain that I never even knew about the draw. 🙂

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