Radio Free Skaro #392 – The Final Phase


Radio Free Skaro #392 – Click here to listen!

rfs392It was truly a momentous week for Doctor Who fans everywhere as they got not one, nor two, but THREE different trailers for ‘The Day of the Doctor’ from the BBC (twice!), BBC America, and, inadvertently early, BBC Latin America. While everyone is busy frame advancing through those to find out clues about the 50th Anniversary Special, a metric ton of news also dropped this week which helped push this episode of Radio Free Skaro past the two hour mark. But how could you go wrong with a Philip Segal Miniscope in the form of a TV Movie commentary with guest Neil Perryman? Answer: you can’t. Enjoy, and be content that we are now less than two weeks away from the anniversary weekend…
Show Notes:

The Day of the Doctor…extended trailer!
The Day of the Doctor…trailer!
The Day of the Doctor…BBC America trailer!
The Day of the Doctor…preview clip!
The Day of the Doctor…media pack!
The Day of the Doctor…BBC Three after party!
The Day of the Doctor…InnerSPACE Live after party!
Matt Smith and David Tennant…on the Graham Norton show!
An Adventure in Space and Time…airs November 21 on BBC Two!
An Adventure in Space and Time…airs November 22 on Space!
An Adventure in Space and Time…airs November 22 on BBC America!
An Adventure in Space and Time…coming to Region 2 DVD on December 2!
Doctor Who dominates BBC America…November 18-24!
Doctor Who…BBC Red Button content!
The Enemy of the World…DVD details!
Unreleased trailer for…The Tenth Planet!
Radiophonic Workshop…performance and back catalog reissues!!
Silva Screen…Doctor Who 50th Anniversary box sets!
The Science of Doctor Who…trailer!
The Science of Doctor Who…preview clip!
Eleventh Doctor ebook penned…by Neil Gaiman!
Official BBC Worldwide…Sonic Screwdriver app!
Doctor Who wins BBC Radio 1 Teen Award…for Best Drama!
The Eternity Clock sequels…cancelled!
Doctor Who Celebration…programming schedule!
David Banks and Ricco Ross…coming to Gallifrey One!
Coming soon…Chicago TARDIS!
The Ood Cast…Live!


Philip Segal


Neil Perryman

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #392 – The Final Phase

  1. Entertaining commentary as usual , and your guest’s blog has provided me with a lot of amusement in the past as well, but…
    Man, did your collective hatred of the TV movie lead to some irrational and inconsistent criticisms. While the TVM certainly had its flaws and by no means requires that anyone actually like it, I found you folks repeating some well-worn mantras in regards to the film’s sins that don’t really hold up to close scrutiny. Chief among these was the claim that the intro requires too much prior fan knowledge. Stating ” here are all the things we’re supposed to know about” isn’t really accurate. You don’t have to know about them because the film is TELLING YOU ABOUT THEM. That’s like watching AN UNEARTHLY CHILD and saying “We’re already supposed to know about Susan Foreman.” You don’t. you’re being introduced to that information as you watch it. Also, criticizing the film for relying too much on fan knowledge and yet complaining that Peter Davison’s face wasn’t added to the climax (and no, that wasn’t really feasible in 1996) is, like I said, inconsistent.
    And since I’m being critical of the critique, the new show did not say the Master had been cloned. I don’t know where that came from.
    Hey, I understand the lack of enthusiasm for the TV movie, I just think you can hate it without making up things that are wrong with it.

  2. I was listening to your Meglos commentary last night (don’t judge me). It’s an old episode, but you made a shocking number of Peter Capaldi references. Apparently “Earthling”, the character who looks like an accountant in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, was a dead ringer for #12.

  3. Hi Jay,

    First off – you watched Meglos? Secondly – you watched Meglos with our commentary? Thirdly, we should probably have a listen to that commentary again…

  4. Indeed, Steven. And when you have a listen to that commentary, record a new commentary for the commentary!

    I was interested in the mention of John Hurt’s Caligula turn in “I Claudius”. Even though I saw “Alien” (the best movie in that series) when it first came out, I primarily think of this actor as Caligula.

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