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Radio Free Skaro #387 – Click here to listen!

rfs387As we turn the corner into October in this 50th anniversary year of Doctor Who, the Three Who Rule reach the halfway point in their odyssey of covering the eras of each producer of the classic series in the Miniscope. This week, the Barry Letts epoch is the focus, a five year stretch of classic episodes that vaulted Doctor Who from a Saturday tea-time tradition to a British television institution. A lifelong fan of the era, Gary Russell, who has been involved with the show in many ways since the early 1980s, joins us to discuss the many strengths of Letts’s time on the show. Steven, Warren, and Chris also reunite to discuss the news of the week, including details of a worldwide simulcast of The Day of the Doctor, which were announced earlier this week. Fun and exciting!
Show Notes:

Doctor Who simulcast…in 75 countries!
Doctor Who Revisited…coming to Space!
The Tenth Doctor…Revisited!
Sherlock, The Doctor, and Me…with Steven Moffat!
Pup Ltd Doctor Who…show reel!
Doctor Who loses…at the Welshies!
Gareth Roberts is novelizing…City of Death!
Tenth Doctor ebook…by Derek Landy!
Edmonton Doctor Who themed…election signs!


Barry Letts


Gary Russell

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #387 – The Velvet Web

  1. So you guys going to do a quick mini-episode given the just announced news from Radio Times?

  2. Sorry to hear the Cloister Bell has finally tolled for Matt Smith and the reign of the eleventh doctor is over.I guess none of his hats will really fit the next Doctor.Fezzes,stetsons,bowlers,tricorners,all useless now.You’ll be missed,Matt.ALL THE BEST AND MORE FOR THE FUTURE.I’m doing my best to console myself by watching Presley perform’Just Pretend’in’That’s Just the way it is’ multiple times but it’s not really alleviating my misery much.Seems only fair to me that Letts and Dicks were allowed to choose Tom Baker since Jon Pertwee had been chosen for them by Bryant and Sherwin,Considering how successful they had been.Suppose Hinchcliffe acceded to the idea because he wasn’t initially confident because of his inexperience and because he arrived from outside the BBC.Don’t really care much about rumours,myself.Will miss the miniscope next week but i’m looking forward to the Paul Cornell interview.

  3. I liked that Gary Russell defended the Letts/Dicks era through the eyes of watching 1st hand as a child. He had a refreshing take on the period and helped explain some of the contemporary criticism of some of the stories.

    Also glad you didn’t bleep out Russell’s responses, but surprised you guys left the ‘clean’ tag on the podcast.

  4. Concerning @ 14:50….

    Doing a “Doctors Revisited” concerning the 11th, right after the grand 50th event, might be anti-climactic.

    But there might be some wisdom to this. There will be a LOT of the “not-we” watching the “The Day of the Doctor” due to the hype and promotion: from family/friends of fans, to the curious tuning in for the first time.

    A lot more people will be all charged up for “Doctor Who” on Nov. 23… and where will they go? Other than the airing of the Gatiss show the same day (???) and finding DVD’s, there’s really nothing for this new (and perhaps huge) audience for a long month leading up to the Christmas Special.

    A new “Doctors Revisited” episode, as the only new Who to watch right after the 50th, might be a huge hit.

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