Radio Free Skaro #386 – The Ordeal


Radio Free Skaro #386 – Click here to listen!

rfs386The producer Miniscope series plows onward as special guest John Williams from Tachyon TV joins in to discuss the Peter Bryant and Derrick Sherwin era. An era of selecting a new Doctor and ever-changing roles for the production team, Bryant and Sherwin were responsible for… well, you’ll just have to listen and find out, won’t you? With Warren unavailable, Steven and Chris tackle the news of the week including discussion on the latest (what some may call) blunder on the part of the BBC’s 50th anniversary “celebrations”, and yes, even talk about audio stuff! And books! And cosplay! And we announce the winner of our Twitter contest for a Region 1 Doctor Who Complete Series 7 box set! When the Warren is away, the mice will play!
Show Notes:

An Adventure in Space and Time…at the BFI!
The Companions…Video Interview!
Peter Capaldi’s Past Appearances…to be Explained!
Doctor Who…for a Dream Night In!
Waris Hussein’s…An Unearthly Child Floorplans!
Fifty Years…of Doctor Who Audio!
Doctor Who at the BBC…Volume 8!
Doctor Who…Sound Recording Feature!
The Raymond P Cusick Signature Collection…and Robert Holmes: A Life In Words!
Tenth Doctor Coat…for the Ladies!


Peter Bryant
Derrick Sherwin


John Williams

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #386 – The Ordeal

  1. Great programme.It really demonstrated the miracle of Doctor Who in the sixties and that Troughton was completely right that they could not continue making the programme in the same way in the 70’S.I can’t help thinking that all this instability about the production,unsettled the actors and viewers.It’s notable that anybody promoted to a senior position making the programme had to have a background in writing at this time.The attempted use of comedy writers like Sharples to contribute is consistent with Bryants intention to bring more humour but then why did Troughton and Hines have to disguise extra comedic stuff from him in rehearsals so often?Their writing background seemed to be as detrimental as it was beneficial but it was so fortuitous that they involved Hulke,Dicks and Holmes with Doctor Who.

  2. Heads up for anybody missing Q&A’s with would be galactic conqueror Karen Gillan like Mr Burgess and i.Not Another Happy Endings publicity campaign for it’s UK theatrical release on Oct11th is starting with a variety of public appearances and television interviews on Oct1.Q&A session at itunes store Regent Street,London at approx.5.30,Q&A on twitter for Glamourmag atabout 2.30.Television appearance on Lorraine Kelly’s Daybreak at approx 8.20 am uk time.Hope nobody is too irritated about this kind of reckless advertising here but i thought it would be interesting to collect them altogether to study.I apologise if i have offended the three who rule but it seems inevitable there will be some discussion of Doctor Who too.

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