Radio Free Skaro #382 – Behind the Sophist


Radio Free Skaro #382 – Click here to listen!

rfs382Despite the Doctor Who world being split between multiple conventions this weekend (or because of it), the news was a bit thin this week, but that didn’t stop the Three Who Rule from spinning their creative wheels in new and exciting directions, including the creation of Sofa-ism, a philosophy based on sitting around on your couch. Canada’s national shame, otherwise known as Nickelback, was also name checked far more than necessary (ie. at all.) All this and an appearance from Sean Homrig of the Tardis Tavern podcast for our Name of the Doctor commentary! The mind reels at the riches in store for you. Next week: the producer Miniscopes begin in earnest!
Show Notes:

Doctor Who Prom…Ratings!
Tenth Planet…R1 DVD Release Date!
Moonbase…Animation Proofs!
BBC3…50th Anniversary Special?
Doctor Who…Knitwear!
Christopher Burgess (no, the other one) and Gerard Murphy…Died.
Patrick Magee…Entertains!


The Name…of the Doctor!

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