Radio Free Skaro #372 – The Chain


Radio Free Skaro #372 – Click here to listen!

rfs372It has been one crazy week in the world of Doctor Who, with rumours of scores of missing Doctor Who episodes being found, then not found, then found again, then, finally, all of them declared not missing but destroyed. The end. Is it, though? The wait for a new Doctor will also have to wait awhile, so there is very little in the way of solid news to discuss this week, but that didn’t stop the Three Who Rule! One thing is for sure, though – Radio Free Skaro will be at Westercon 66 in Sacramento in a couple weeks, and the convention organizers Kevin Roche and Andy Tremblay are here to tell you all about it. It’s looking like it might be an interesting summer in this, the 50th anniversary year of Doctor Who!
Show Notes:

Official statements about…missing episodes!
New Doctor announcement…not coming yet!
Jamie Payne directs…the Christmas special!
David Burton…the original Eighth Doctor?
Doctor Who…at the BFI!
Terror of the Zygons…DVD cover!
The Scream of the Shalka…DVD extras!


Kevin Roche and Andy Tremblay from…Westercon 66!

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #372 – The Chain

  1. Shenanigans!The phantom schedule returns to perplex and bamboozle regular Radio Free Skaro listeners next week ,furthermore,yet again to accomodate timey wimey foreknowledge of mysterious impending secret announcements when i’m in Edinburgh for the closing gala screening of Not Another Happy Ending at the film festival.No!!!And what exactly was all that nonsense about real life and working amongst the not we like zygon invaders,do you actually expect your listeners to believe you after discussing Doctor Who on 371 podcasts?Nice save from Erika regarding the Terror of the Vervoids disposal bin reference although i doubt she has actually saved you from future embarrassment anyway.

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