Radio Free Skaro #360 – Quadracyclephenia


Radio Free Skaro #360 – Click here to listen!

New Doctor Who! And given such an auspicious occasion, it was no surprise that the Three Who Rule yammered on at length about “The Bells of Saint John,” and then further prognosticated on the news that David Tennant and Billie Piper will in fact return for the 50th anniversary special. Debate on the proper levels of fanwankiness for the special, speculation on the many hints and tidbits Moffat has seeded throughout his tenure leading up to November 23rd, 2013 and other wishes and dreams for the upcoming season were all grist for the fevered (and possibly insane) minds of the RFS crew. All this and various other tidbits of news, and more importantly, no stats. (Don’t worry, stats will be back in full force next week).
Show Notes:

The Bells…Of Saint John!
Tennant and Piper…Return!
Series 7B…In New Zealand!
Series 7B…Episode Titles!
Matt Smith…Hangs Around For 2014!
Demon’s Run…Two Days Later!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Doctor Who Stuff…On Playstation Home!
The Mill…Closing The TV Division?
Doctor Who Stamps…Are Popular!
Series 7B…DVD Extras!
Terror of the Zygons…DVD Delayed!
Regenerations…DVD Box Set!?
Doctor Who…Wins A Peabody Award!
Hugo Award…2013 Nominees!

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6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #360 – Quadracyclephenia

  1. It’s possible that I’m giving the show and Mr. Moffat far too much credit here but I always understood the “Doctor, who?” theme (set up at the end of last series) as a question of the Doctor’s character, as in what sort of a man is the Doctor, rather than a question of what his name is.

    That seems like a valid topic of exploration for serialised fiction whereas the main character’s secret real name can only ever be interesting as a red herring.

    So, yeah, I’m kind of expecting some pay off and in the mean time I appreciate the occasional reference intended to annoy prickly nerds.

  2. Hmmm…seemed to me that the Radio Free Skaro crew were noticably more happy with added new Doctor Who to discuss.I watched it back to back with the new Aztecs DVD,which was a very fascinating contrast because B.O.S.J.’s story premise was inspired by contemporary technology.Moffat’s action set pieces like the plane rescue,location tour and anti-grav motorcycle climb were a blatant concession that his story concept wasn’t ideal dramatically but that was all very secondary to establishing the new relationship between Clara and the Doctor anyway.

  3. A few observations for consideration.When The Doctor introduces himself to Clara at the Maitland’s door,there is still fresh paint on his Monks’ habit from painting her portrait in 1207.Clara is babysitting for a family with the same surname as the previous family in The Snowmen she worked for.The Doctor is evidently still not used to the new configuration of his Tardis even after all his time in Victorian London ,going by his confusion about the whereabouts of his garage.Clara has a dad ,who is still in touch with her as the Doctor records his call to her while she’s recovering.The book, Summer Falls is written by Amy Williams.

  4. For those of us in Canada, Canada Post has decided to carry the Royal Mail Doctor Who stamp collection. You are able to order these online or through your local Canada Post outlet. The price is quite reasonable given that these are “imported” stamps:

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