Radio Free Skaro #359 – Whether You Like It Or Not


Radio Free Skaro #359 – Click here to listen!

The upcoming book “JN-T: The Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner” is quite possibly the most controversial account of the behind-the-scenes world of Doctor Who ever published, delving into the, at times, seedy side of the life of the long time producer of Doctor Who. It also covers, with astonishing detail, the trials and tribulations that occurred during the making of the programme in the 1980s when the BBC were increasingly trying to kill it. We present an interview with the book’s author, Richard Marson, who explains the amount of work that went into researching the biography, as well as discuss his own experiences and opinions on the man who was responsible for Doctor Who for an entire decade. But before that, Chris and Steven yammer about the news of the week, and look forward to new Doctor Who in less than a week’s time!
Show Notes:

The Bells of St John…”Prequel”!
The Bells of St John…BBC One Transmission Time!
The Bells of St John…Trailer!
The Bells of St John…Clips!
Series 7B…Trailers!
Series 7B…First Four Titles and Synopses!
Series 7B…Movie-Style Posters!
Matt Smith…Leaving In 2013?
Private Eye…Talks Caro Skinner!
Red Nose Day…Doctor Who Clip!
Doctor Who Magazine…First Doctor Special!
Australia Gets The Bells of St John…On March 31!
Australia Doesn’t Get…Advance iView Episodes!
Series 7B…North American DVD/BD Release Date!
Visitation Special Edition DVD…Details!
Doctor Who…Another Entertainment Weekly Cover!


JN-T: The Life and Scandalous Times…of John Nathan-Turner!

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6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #359 – Whether You Like It Or Not

  1. Crash helmets on.Don’t suppose Richard Marsons book had to be approved for publication by the BBC since there are any number of books which are unofficial available for consideration by Doctor who fans.Not exactly ideal publicity to co incide with transmission of the new series even if it’s just the truth and lots of people were aware of these stories for years.It’s all pretty unpleasant and unfortunate that it’s broke in this way now .At least this has all been highlighted by Doctor Who fandom before investigations into inappropriate practices at the BBC at the time came across anything.

  2. “lots of people were aware of these stories for years”

    So if that’s the case, then why write it? If that’s the case, then why publish?

    Or more specifically, if that’s the case, then why is this a story that ‘broke out’?

    There has to be a point, and that point is either exploiting attention (and taking advantage of the dead who are unable to defend themselves) for money, OR an intentional desire to hurt the show’s current incarnation. In either case, it is crass, rude, and pointless.

  3. PS “Private Eye” is an investigative and satirical anti-establishmentarian magazine founded in the 1960s, English satirists like Peter Cook and Ian Hislop have been heavily involved in it or edited it. It also has a serious side, for instance recently investigating the eprsecution of whistle-blowers in the health service. Whether its coverage of the behind-the-scenes bust-ups on Dr Who is accurate, though, is anyone’s guess…

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