Radio Free Skaro #358 – A Breath of Fresh Air Lock


Radio Free Skaro #358 – Click here to listen!

A wide variety of news leads off the latest episode of Radio Free Skaro, as the Three Who Rule pontificate about the fate of Caroline Skinner, the discovery of early Doctor Who scripts and even a little about the upcoming Series 7B… but wait, there’s more! This week saw the release of the Special Edition of The Aztecs, which includes the recently-found third episode of Galaxy 4, and what more fitting way to celebrate its release on home video than for the RFS lads to talk all over it in the form of a commentary. Talk of Lego, the upcoming Calgary Expo, the realization we’re on the cusp of the longest unbroken streak of Doctor Who episodes since 2010 – and of course the other news of the week – round out this week’s podcast. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Mark Sheppard…At Calgary Expo!
Calgary Expo…Preliminary Schedule!
Caro Skinner…No Longer Exec Producer!
Jenna-Louise Coleman…In Series 8!
Spearhead From Space…On BBC America!
Series 7B…Tidbits!
1960s Doctor Who Scripts…Found!
Inferno SE and Mind of Evil…DVD Details!
Robots of Death…BFI Screening Guests!
Peter Davison…BFI Screening Info!
Doctor Who…Pointless!



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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #358 – A Breath of Fresh Air Lock

  1. Heeyy,
    I love your show but I just saw the Doctor Who movie and it wasn’t as horrible as you guys said it would be. Sure its American trash. But you guys haven’t lived for 53 years in the states. You’ve never been exposed to the thing that was “Rescue from Gilligan’s Island” as a child. Maybe it was just that I’d heard such horrible things that nothing short of 90 minutes of pond scum could be as bad as my expectations. But it was alright. Of course he’s not half human but that’s easy to forget. It was better than “Game of Thrones”. You wanna see crap see “Condominium” with Barbara Eden. That’ll make you lose your lunch. Good day.

  2. Fran Tarkenton did NOT win a Super Bowl. He played in three of them for the Vikings, but as the Vikings are zero for four in their Super Bowl appearances, I can say with confidence that Fran did not get a ring.

    As for Galaxy 4, this was my first ever “Missing Episode” story that I listened to on audio (part of those box set CD things). I have a soft spot for Chumblies because of this.

  3. Hey there!

    Just saw the “Galaxy 4” bit on the “The Aztecs” special edition set and one thing struck me about the reconstructed parts – I was surprised about how much of episode 1 (“Four Hundred Dawn”) was included. There isn’t much missing from that part and it gives me hope that it will eventually be completed.

    Maybe all parts will be recovered – in time. We can continue to hope.

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