Radio Free Skaro #354 – The Best Things In Life Are Freema


Radio Free Skaro #354 – Click here to listen!

Another Gallifrey One has come and gone! On this, the fifth and final Radio Free Skaro podcast from Gally, we present to you interviews with Freema Agyeman, director Saul Metzstein (with a cameo from Ben Browder!), Charlie Ross, and the Valeyard himself, Michael Jayston! We also catch up with our friend Ken Deep, eavesdrop on a 24-year “Survival” reunion between Sylvester McCoy and Julian Holloway, and unveil some podcast plans for the months to come. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year, and Gallifrey One was a perfect way to kick it off in style!
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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #354 – The Best Things In Life Are Freema

  1. Compelled to thank you for your annual podcast documentary of the Los Angeles Doctor Who convention experience and being kind enough to do your best to share a sense of it with your regular listeners.I’m impressed by your discipline and commitment considering you only have so much time to spend with people from distant lands and it must be tempting to reduce your output and take more part.I’m a bit wary as a spectator that a large contingent of the convention could be composed of extremists from Gallifrey base but your annual reports are always the best possible advertisement for the convention and go some way towards allaying my scepticism.Thrilled about the spontaneous confirmation of Valentines Days’ existence during the convention and the strangest and most hard-core podcast alliance ever.It is really a hell of a way to make sure you remember your anniversary.Biggest congratulations.Don’t know if it’s a testimony to how important Doctor Who is to you but i’m crazy enough to think,it could be a contributing factor.It’s like you’re testing Cybermen to see if they can still cry!

  2. Wow, Freema is incredibly bubbly! She sounds genuinely excited and happy.

    Thank you Chris, Warren, and Steven for getting all of these great interviews. It seems like within the last year and a half you guys have really upped your game and included a ton of Who-interviews. Thanks for the wide range, from new series actors, Doctors, writers, and Classic handlers.

    Even though I was not at Gally, thank you to Shaun Lyon and everyone else involved with the con. It’s awesome that you don’t have to be in LA to enjoy some of the fruits of everyone’s labor (and love).

  3. Gallifrey One was excellent, even if like with Sylvester McCoy I mostly just had time for a photo. So amazing and so kind.

    Listening to these podcasts you recorded at Gallifrey One makes me feel quite nostalgic for the convention and it’s barely been three days since. Informative and entertaining as ever, a great way to cool down and get some catharsis on a first con as awesome as that was.

    Steven, congratulations on your marriage. All my best wishes to you and you’re no doubt delightful future.

  4. Saddened to note the passing of Dalek designer Ray Cusick.I’m certain his creations will honour his memory by continuing to dominate Doctor Who’s history and enslaving and exterminating lifeforms which are inferior to them for many years to come.Goodbye and god bless,sir.Every Doctor Who fan is well aware Ridley Scott couldn,t have improved your idea and we’ll always be much more grateful than the BBC could have been anyway.

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