Radio Free Skaro #346 – Contact Has Been Made


Radio Free Skaro #346 – Click here to listen!

With Chris and Steven each recuperating from an infection from the Swarm, it was Warren’s turn to suffer the effects of an infestation of the Nucleus. While Warren wasn’t running on full steam for the news segment, in which news on Gallifrey One was the dominant feature, he does feature in a previously recorded interview with Mike Tucker, the visual effects expert whose work has appeared on both classic and new series Doctor Who. Mike is also a Doctor Who fan and an all around nice guy, which makes this episode of Radio Free Skaro a must listen! Just stay back at least 50 feet from the Three Who Rule when listening…
Show Notes:

Series 7B…New Title?
BBC America…Airs Classic Doctor Who!
Wiped!…Second Edition!



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5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #346 – Contact Has Been Made

  1. Very excited to hear the news about the second edition of Wiped! I am only a fraction of the way into the first edition, but it is amazing to learn about each missing episode with such detail. I think I will restart my reading of the first Wiped! once I have finished watching/listening to all of the stories included in that era. If I have a greater understanding of the episodes themselves, and have some context, it should be easier (in theory) to understand the book.

  2. Ok.I’m going to ask for the return of the miniscope when you run out of content before Gallifrey One and series 7.2 arriving because i tend to find it more satisfying than your classic commentaries and i’m always curious about what will turn up this time.Is it a possible or a maybe?New series only nine weeks away and you’ve got Gallifrey before that.I’m guessing you may be pleased,even though there is still much secrecy about the future to endure.

  3. Hi Ray!

    The miniscope is temporarily dormant as other things get taken care of first, but suffice it to say we’ve got some good plans for it this year. In the mean time, you might want to download a new podcast, Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room, featuring a couple voices heard on RFS in past, Kyle Anderson and Erik Stadnik. It’s only a monthly podcast and only focuses on writers but it might help you get your info fix until we resume miniscope segments.

  4. Hello Chris.Sorry to hear no imminent miniscope material planned .Just please do not inflict your peculiar Canadian fixation with ice hockey on your fellow Doctor Who fans.As a confimed geek,i am unfortunately obligated to an aversion of sporting discussion even if it is something of an obsession of Canadian residents and includes violence.I,m sure whatever your planning will be enjoyable though as you certainly have a reputation for reliability as far as i am concerned.Thanks for the recommendation for the Writers Room podcast.It is indeed,good and a great new podcast idea,suppose keeping it monthly is so they don’t go through classic series writers too quickly.Personally, not really the keenest fan of Eric Sawards writing,generates discussion and attention though.

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