Radio Free Skaro #337 – Splink


Radio Free Skaro #337 – Click here to listen!

The Three Who Rule were joined this week by the incomparable John Williams, Tachyon TV alumnus and author of an upcoming tome about Who legend Malcolm Hulke. Mr. Williams was on hand not to plug his scribbling but to add his mellifluous verbiage to commentary of “The Angels Take Manhattan,” the final adventure of Mr. and Mrs. Pond. Add a pinch of praise for sarcastic Sontarans, a dash of derision for evil Snowmen, and a completely arbitrary show title like “Splink,” and…well, just take a listen.
Show Notes:

The Snowmen…Trailer!
The Snowmen…Minisode!
Fictitious…Writers’ Guild Awards!
Barry Newbery…Book!


The Angels…Take Manhattan!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #337 – Splink

  1. Hey,Mr’s Shepansky,Frey and Burgess,i am a regular listener of your podcast and it is more often than not professional and enjoyable so i should take this opportunity to say how much i appreciate that you make such an effort to share your thoughts and opinions of the greatness that is Doctor Who for my entertainment.Thanks.I’m posting this comment to suggest to you that the person writing The Angels Kiss is actually Amy Pond.The reason they introduced the idea that Amy had become a travel writer in the Power of Three was to make it more credible that she could produce the book in her final story.It’s a deliberate reference from the Moff to Karens next role after Doctor Who,in her first film.Not Another Happy Ending.River says she has to take the book back for Amy to write after the angels steal Amy and Rory from the Doctor and confirms that with him.

  2. Well, she explicitly state that she’s going to write the book and then send it to Amy to PUBLISH. And it’d only make sense for it to be written by River, because the book is actually from her perspective; “I approached the skinny guy” etc.

  3. Thanks Azal,River does indeed say she has to write the book but considering the message on the last page ,it seems to me that it could actually be Amy at the keyboard with her daughter dictating her story to her.That,s how it plays to me.I agree that the story shares that kind of foreboding as Logopolis as it progresses.I really like the way the Doctor just cannot watch his friend Rory dying when they finally catch up with him at Winters Quay.

  4. Sigh.It’s Shapansky NOT Shepansky.Sincerest apologies sir,not a typing error but a mistake.Congatulations on your tribute from the mighty C.H.Bidmead in his new blog.Can i recommend Doctor Who the unfolding text ,about thirty years late for the J.N.T/Bidmead and Adams/Williams arguments.I was just waiting for the internet. Happy 49th birthday Doctor Who.

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