Radio Free Skaro #330 – Then They Take Berlin


Radio Free Skaro #330 – Click here to listen!

The Angels Take Manhattan….and, to various degrees, the hearts of Warren, Steven, and Chip the Two Minute Time Lord, who sat in Chris’s stead to review the mid-season finale and the departure of Matt Smith’s near and dear companions, the Ponds. Weeping Statues of Liberty, questions of style vs. substance and what comes next for the series all reared their silent, menacing stone visages before coming to the really terrifying stuff…stats. Add a rant about thigh-less maxi-busts, high praise for Chicks Unravel Time, Chicago TARDIS, and Gel Guard action dolls and you’ve got yourselves three nerds talking about Doctor Who for an hour and change! And now another long wait until new Doctor Who stories grace our screens again…
Show Notes:

The Angels…Take Manhattan!
The Last Days…of the Ponds!
Doctor Who…in the U.S.!
The Angels Take Manhattan…overnight ratings!
The Power of Three…appreciation index!
A Town Called Mercy…final ratings!
Chicks Unravel Time…coming soon!
Doctor Who DVD…Ultimate Gift Box Set!
The Three Doctors…action figure playset!
First Doctor…Maxi-Bust!
Chicago TARDIS…guests announced!
Chip…from Two-Minute Time Lord!

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10 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #330 – Then They Take Berlin

  1. Just one point, didn’t the doctor used that regeneration energy trick before, on the RTD era? He gave some years of his life to power a up a bit of the TARDIS when they were stucked in Pete’s World.

    • He gave some sort of life energy but off the top of my head I can’t recall if it was dubbed regeneration energy. At the very least we saw that used last year when River saved The Doctor at the end of Let’s Kill Hitler.

  2. At least it’s only been between Time Lords hasn’t it? I mean, River is close enough to count. The Doctor hasn’t gone around healing random people with his regeneration powers, I don’t think.

  3. As they were in the graveyard the last time, The Doctor and River were polishing the Tardis, and the camera moved to Amy and Rory walking towards them, River says “won’t they get awfully bored hanging around here all day?” and the Doctor says something like “I’ll work on that’ or I am working on that? Could they have been stuck in the graveyard because of the paradox too?
    Loved it, Amy made her choice, AGAIN. and she and Rory were together. River seems much like SIL/FOTD. I like her any old way, but marriage seems to suit her.
    Did the Doctor get the idea of deleting himself from everything from Oswin?

  4. Buffy – great point. That line still confuses me somewhat. If it just meant that it would take the Doctor and River some time to clean up the TARDIS while Amy/Rory hung around then it seems little out of place in the context of paradoxes and what had gone on before.
    RFS – thanks for an enjoyable podcast over the years.

  5. On the Statue of Liberty – couldn’t this just be a representation of how much power the Weeping Angels had in New York? I mean, if they can make one of the largest statues in the US “come alive”, this accurately shows just how much time energy they are producing.

    Even if Lady Liberty is a representation of the Angels’ strength, I agree with you guys, how would no one notice her moving? Is NO ONE, in one of the largest cities in the world, looking at her?!

    Is there something I am missing, is it explained why there are no people walking the street at night and no one around in either the graveyard or Central Park?

    Great acting by Karen and Arthur, way to go out on top!

  6. @Tony – Forget time energy, forget how much power is held by the Angels, forget people seeing the Statue of Liberty as it traipsed across the city to the Angel battery farm, the thing that a lot of people seem to be missing (Warren, Chip and Steven included) is ***it’s not made of stone***. Forget the rest, that factor alone is enough to make it silly, no matter how visually appealing/shocking it may be.

  7. Maybe the Angels can control things other than stone? They have the power to turn out lights and speak through dead people’s communicators. Why not control a copper statue?

    How did the Daleks get a time machine in The Chase? They never had one before! IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

  8. O.K. I watched it again (the debate was making my head all swimmy)
    One thing that irks me just slightly is the Doctor loosing it, and begging Amy to stay. River tells her mother to go, but he still begs. Yes I know she is his best friend blah blah blah, but she wants to go find the man she loves, once she shows she is determined I would have liked a ‘find Rory, be happy’ rather than the sniveling mess we saw. Seemed a bit selfish of him.
    That said, it is NOT a big enough issue for me to really quibble about, just this Doctor does not handle emotions well. Or I don’t like the way it is written for him.
    Can’t picture Smith in The Satin Pit.

  9. Is it really out of line for 11 to be so Amy-centric? Don’t forget, we’re not even halfway through series 7 and Moffat lies. The Doctor said “it’s all about you”; that DVD interstitial supplement about him meaning seeing the universe through new eyes was only an interstitial supplement; the Doctor loves a redhead; I’ll bet a cookie that when he said “I can’t keep doing this” in TATM he wasn’t talking about sonicking the lightbulb overhead, but rather something connected with “never do that again” at the end of the episode.

    Another item: the next logical step after removing yourself from history is ensuring that you never appear in it again — as by making people forget about you the moment they look away. I expect that the Silents are actually future!Flesh!Doctors-gone-awry, although given their tie style they might be copies of a version of 10 who actively refused to go.

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