Radio Free Skaro #327 – Ankyl Socks


Radio Free Skaro #327 – Click here to listen!

With Steven quite literally in a Cabin In The Woods, cut off from much of humanity and completely ignorant of “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” it was up to Warren, Chris and special guest star Chip, the Two-Minute Time Lord, to hash out their feelings about thunder lizards, Egyptian queens and guest stars from the Potterverse. But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and puppy dogs and fluffy clouds and unicorns and… wait, where were we again? Oh yeah, Warren was forced to confront that which he hated most, the dreaded stats, and we throw in some discussion about the Welsh BAFTAS, games, Cafe Press and the Hugo Awards and more. Put it all together and you’ve got yourself an audio program on the internet about a niche topic!
Show Notes:

Dinosaurs…On A Spaceship!
Dinosaurs On A Spaceship…Overnight Viewing Figures!
Asylum Of The Daleks…SPACE Ratings!
Asylum Of The Daleks…BBC America Ratings!
Asylum Of The Daleks…Sets The iView Record!
A Town Called Mercy…Airs At 7:35PM!
Asylum Of The Daleks…Prequel!
The Power Of Three…Synopsis!
The Doctor’s Wife…Wins A Hugo!
Neil Gaiman…Writes More Doctor Who!
Jenna Louise Coleman…Sexiest Companion!
Welsh BAFTA…Nominations!
The Gunpowder Plot…On Steam!!
North America…Merchandising Partnership!

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11 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #327 – Ankyl Socks

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  2. Surprised no one mentioned the size of the Silurian spaceship.

    On that basis alone, isn’t this the best.episode.ever.

  3. So not every episode has to be serious, some out there seem to frown on just having a frolick. Harumph.
    I enjoyed watching Amy sweat just a little with some competition, and when asked if she is a Queen, it really reminded me of Ghostbusters (if someone asks if you are a God say YES) and pushing the buttons, of Rose in Satan Pit. But that is just my spin on it.
    Not sure blowing Soloman up is the way to keep a low profile, but I thought he deserved it. Are the Silurians (how DO you spell it??) just doomed? They are not evil, but they just keep getting oblitereated.
    Thanks for the podcast, since it looks like I won’t have any hockey to watch TG for Doctor Who and Podcasters. (yes I am stereotyping Canadians)

  4. My mind instantly flashed back to Ghostbusters for the same reference at the same point. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

  5. We know from the trailer that the Doctor goes all Valyard in A Town Called Mercy, also RT says that Mercy is an important theme in the episode. So I think this could be a bit of foreshadowing, along with the ‘I’ll be with you till the death of me. Or Visa Versa.’ line (Departure of Amy & Rory)

    As for sexist companion…(Cough, Ace, cough.)

    Also, glad to see that a super advanced race like the Silurians tried the Ark idea, always wondered about that.


  6. Just noticed my own spelling mistake, sexiest not sexist.

    Must remember not to mix those two up, though in the Sun’s case they’re related.

    Take that Rupert Murdoch!

  7. Is it me or does the Doctor now use “Pond” as a kind of Rank?

    Amy doesn’t really get called Pond until the end of The 11th Hour – when she’s saved the Earth.

    Rory gets promoted to Mr Pond at the end of The Big Bang – when he’s been heavily involved and you can see the Doctor gets more respect for him.

    Rory’s dad is just some stowaway until he provides the solution of Rory and him piloting the Ark – thereby saving the Ark, their lives, the dinosaurs and the day. Cue promotion to being a “Pond”.

  8. …..and why everyone else there is classed as “people” – effectively a lower rank of usefulness

  9. I think he is using Pond as a rank.
    I have been pondering (almost never a good thing) the inclusion of Neffie and the Game Hunter. Wasn’t she kind of throwing herself at the Doctor, so maybe he is trying some distraction/matchmaking? Esp. since we see them together at the end. Just a random thought, they escape sometimes.

  10. I think it’s an interesting idea that the Doctor might have teleported Solomon off his ship, after some sort of psychological punishment. My personal veiw was that the doctor picking up random companions goes back to something he said at the begining. “I’ve never had a team before.” Without constant companions, maybe he is just trying to keep hiself sane, and trying new things to do it. If solomon did die on the ship, maybe that is a reflection of the way the doctors character is changing as well. It’s been said before, he is a mad old man, the team he gets together versus what he does to solomon might be two sides of the doctor at war, the fun loving guy who goes on adventures, and the darker sadder man who makes harsh decisions.

  11. One of these days I want the Doctor to have a Silurian adventure in the past when the Silurians were actually running about Earth. Preferably with the Moon clearly visible in the sky just to put that nonsense to rest. Granted, it’s not clear how exactly the Moon formed and got to be in orbit around Earth but it’s pretty clear that we’re talking billions rather than millions of years ago and that’s quite a difference.

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