Doctor Who Series 7 Premieres September 1

<![CDATA[After what will be a wait of more than 8 months, we finally have a transmission date for the upcoming seventh (revamped) series of Doctor Who. September 1, a date we at Radio Free Skaro have suspected for weeks, will see the broadcast of Asylum of the Daleks on BBC One and BBC One HD at 7:20PM as announced by the Radio Times and later confirmed by the BBC.

BBC America has confirmed a 9PM launch on the same day, as has Canada’s home of Doctor Who, SPACE. Last year, Australia was a week behind the other major markets (ignoring wibbly wobbly time zoney wimey math), and unfortunately the same delay will apply this year; ABC1 will premiere Asylum of the Daleks on September 8 at 7:30PM.

This means we’ve got only a matter of days to wait until the new series begins, and even though only five episodes constitute the brief run beginning September 1, we can’t wait to get new Doctor Who on our screens. Roll on September 1!]]>

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