November 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases


Potentially the final classic series DVD release of 2012 has been announced for a North American release on November 13, and it is a special edition of a previously released story.

The Claws of Axos, which was previously released in 2005, will be getting a picture upgrade this time around, along with a whole host of new special features. The first edition was the first using a process known as Reverse Standards Conversion to convert the existing 525 line NTSC masters to 625 line PAL (the format used by the BBC during its original broadcast). This process has been refined and improved for the new version.

Also on the same day, North America will see the release of the first box set for Series 7, comprised of the first five episodes (Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy, The Power of Three and The Angels Take Manhattan). As with recent years, the box set will be released both on DVD and Blu-Ray. Full extras likely haven’t yet been announced but The Science of Doctor Who and Doctor Who at Comic-Con have been listed; it seems logical some or all of the other three BBC America specials will make their way onto the release, along with the 5-part Pond Life prequel.

UPDATE: BBC Home Entertainment has released the list of extras for the Series 7 Part One set. Pond Life is included, as expected, however only the one Doctor Who special, The Science of Doctor Who, is on the final list, not all four of the recent specials. The iTunes-only prequel to Asylum of the Daleks is on the box set; lastly, what appears to be an extra related to A Town Called Mercy will also be included.

The Claws of Axos – Special Edition is a double disc release with an SRP of $34.98 while the two-disc Series Seven, Part One set will list for $29.98. More details about Claws of Axos or Series Seven, Part One can be found at Click the cover art for larger versions.


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