October 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Release


The first (and potentially only) Doctor Who DVD release for October in North America has been announced, and it is a doozy.

The Ambassadors of Death, the only remaining Season 7 story yet to be released, will hit the streets on October 2. Long championed by we here at Radio Free Skaro, The Ambassadors of Death has had to go through a tumultuous restoration process. Initially released on VHS in 2002, only episodes 1 and 5 were in colour, while the other five episodes were a combination of colour and black and white. This DVD release, which was initially slated to come out last year alongside The Sun Makers, will feature all seven episodes in full colour after literally years of restoration work has been applied to it.

A full list of features has yet to be announced, but a commentary track was recorded in 2009 featuring Terrance Dicks, director Michael Ferguson, stunt arranger Derek Ware, and three actors who have sadly passed on since the recording: Caroline John, Nicholas Courtney, and Peter Halliday. Stay tuned to Radio Free Skaro for further details about the rest of the special features.

The Ambassadors of Death is a double disc release with an SRP of $34.98. More details about this release can be found at TVShowsOnDVD.com. Click the cover art for larger versions.


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