Radio Free Skaro #318 – King’s Landing

Radio Free Skaro #318 – Click here to listen!

With Chris away this week as he completes his move westward to Edmonton, the Three Who Rule welcomes occasional Fourth Ruler Neil Perryman of Adventures With The Wife in Space and Tachyon TV fame to talk about the works of Paddy Kingsland in the Miniscope. Kingsland provided many a memorable motif in a multitude of stories from Seasons 18-21, ranging stylistically from the morose melodies of “Logopolis” to the rock and roll riffs that backed up “Mawdryn Undead”. Also discussed were the imminent appearances of mother-daughter team Diana Rigg and Rachel Stirling in Doctor Who, and can Paul McGann’s new costume (it’s canon now, folks!) be the stepping stone to a future appearance in the TV series in 2013? Stay tuned!
Show Notes:

Diana Rigg and Rachel Stirling…in Doctor Who!
The Ambassadors of Death…in colour!
Paul McGann in…a new costume!
Sonic Screwdriver…remote control!
Talking Dalek…action figure set!
Character Options…Dalek Saucer playset!
Character Options…Silent Time Machine playset!
Big payday for…Paddy Kingsland!
Adventures With The…Wife in Space!



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8 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #318 – King’s Landing

  1. Get your friend to send you one of Klien’s Trilogy for Big Finish, and how come you didn’t mention UNIT: DOMINIUN which is going to be BEST. DR. WHO. EVER. Along with Architects Of History.


  2. Yay, Steven! You’re trying Big Finish! It is truly excellent, especially the development given to Colin Baker and Paul McGanns’ Doctors. Spare Parts is also a good choice.

  3. Great episode. Can we have added Paddy Kingsland every week? Also looking forward to Steven’s Big Finish reviews, maybe he can convince Warren and Chris to try some too.

  4. As said on the show many times, I’ve listened to a couple and can’t get with the audio play format.

  5. LOVED the Kingsland music playing throughout the episode, especially the Castrovalva opening. Must have been the longest editing session ever for a RFS episode, but well worth it to this listener!

  6. Drew: believe it or not, our 10-minute interview with Edward Russell about his walk in memory of Lis Sladen holds the record for longest edit. Thanks to technical difficulties, it took about 5 hours over two nights to patch together that thing!

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