Radio Free Skaro #314 – The Keys of Martinus


Radio Free Skaro #314 – Click here to listen!

Derek Martinus directed six Doctor Who stories over the course of his career, the last one being 1970’s Spearhead From Space. Much of his output from the 1960s, sadly, no longer exists in the BBC archives, so when it came time to discuss Martinus in the Miniscope this week, the Three Who Rule were presented with a problem: how do you talk about the visual aspect of Doctor Who episodes that exist today in audio form only? Well, no fear, as Luke from TMDWP is here, casting his expert eye upon some pretty impressive work done by Martinus, a director who first realized the Cybermen, the Ice Warriors, and the Autons, to say nothing of the very first regeneration seen in the series. A more thorough investigation of one of Doctor Who’s lesser known directors you will not hear!
Show Notes:

The Five…Doctors!
New Companion…First Official Picture With Matt Smith!
Rupert Graves…In Series 7!
Weeping Angels…Fan Favourites!
Lost Dalek Documentary…Found!
My Stepson…Stole My Sonic Screwdriver!



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