Radio Free Skaro #294 – The Dog Days Are Over


Radio Free Skaro #294 – Click here to listen!

The annual meet up of Doctor Who podcasters at Gallifrey One forms the backbone of this, the first of Radio Free Skaro’s episodes covering the convention. Among our friends joining us is Simon Harries, late of Tachyon TV and attending his first Gally since 2010, and Josh Zimon, long time listener and now first time guest representing, along with Eric Escamilla, the Mostly Harmless Cutaway podcast. Topics discussed were the differences in popularity of Doctor Who in North America and in the UK, how Gallifrey One stands out among the many other Doctor Who conventions in the USA and in the United Kingdom, and the usual tales of ribaldry that occurs at such events and pushes the PG-13 boundaries that this podcast tries desperately to somewhat casually enforce. Enjoy, and stay tuned throughout the rest of the weekend for more episodes to come!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Doctor Who Book Club…Podcast!
Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless…Cutaway!
Two-Minute…Time Lord!

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