Radio Free Skaro #290 – Whom Gods Destroy


Radio Free Skaro #290 – Click here to listen!

Ah, that’s the January we remember. The Christmas Special aired weeks ago, it’s a long time until new Doctor Who (even longer than usual) and there’s really not too much going on in the Who world. But there’s always Gallifrey! A bit of Gally news and banter helps, well, fill more time in our time-filling series of commentaries. The Three Who Rule lads get the privilege of being able to announce another guest for our live show, Radio Free Skaro and the World of Tomorrow and rehash Toby Whithouse’s The God Complex, a mindbleep episode that split opinions when it went out. Join us for the ride!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
14 Episodes In Series 7…Restated!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!


The God…Complex!

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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #290 – Whom Gods Destroy

  1. Before the next series, won’t there be some Doctor Who for one of those tv charity events, Sport Relief, Red Nose Day, Children In Need, to look forward to?

  2. Children in Need and Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) are only once every two years and are both on odd numbered years. There is also no history (that I can remember anywho) of a link into Sport Relief. Long story into short bad news – no new Doctor Who for many months.

    Loved the podcast, especially as it brought back happy memories of many “the image of an Angel IS an Angel” arguements (pedantry bliss).

  3. Thought Children in Need was an annual event.

    I’m sure those in charge – Steven Moffat more than anyone – are aware of the gap and will have something planned to keep up the interest.

    Some unexpected suprises.

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