Radio Free Skaro #282 – My Kind Of Town


Radio Free Skaro #282 – Click here to listen!

With Steven special corresponding from Chicago TARDIS, and with The Doctor Who Book Club’s Erik joining the Three Who Rule to offer his trenchant insights on fannish Who goings-on, this episode is chock full of things in the American Mid-West that involve a Doctor Who convention. Such things include an interview with Peter Davison, an RFS first, even if he’s Doctor the Fifth. Of course it wouldn’t be an episode of Radio Free Skaro without the usual news, sardonic analysis and nerdery. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…Synopsis!
2012…Recording Info!
BBC…Christmas Trailer!
Doctor Who…On The Radio Times Cover!
Keeper of Traken…Action Figures!
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Eighth Doctor Costume…T-Shirt!
Series 6 Box Set…Night Videos!
Robots of Death SE…DVD Extras!
Three Doctors SE…DVD Extras!
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SPACE…Doctor Who Christmas Schedule!
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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #282 – My Kind Of Town

  1. I remember Captain Power (it was on channel 9 on Sunday morning) but I didn’t get any of the toys because they were too expensive for me.

  2. Pant-suit podcast lady… oh yes!

    It was awesome seeing the hockey teams march through the lobby, what a way to introduce those 13 year olds to Doctor Who. In fact, when they had the fullsize dalek go through the lobby, some of the kids did a double-take or two, and one of the players said, “Ah, look! A ROBOT!!”
    To which, a who-con-goer of the same age (that appeared to have no hockey experience and might not have normally interacted with said hockey player) kind of lost his cool and fired back with, “It’s not a robot, it’s a DALEK!”
    At that point, I knew that any opportunity for those two kids to actually bond over robots/Doctor Who/sci-fi was probably crushed, and the two parties would go there own way.

    Anywho, I’m glad that I have a con now under my belt and am still eager to devour all things Who.

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